Monday, August 17, 2015

August goals - week 2 check in

I'm a little late, but at least I'm getting it posted. ;-)

  1. Complete 1000 minutes of cardio, 15 strength workouts, & 5 stretching workouts. I have my relay coming up, & just joined a running club, so this should be doable. - Let's see, I've done 425 minutes of cardio, 5 strength & finally - ONE stretching workout!
  2. Commit to my running club. I've never run in a group before, & I'm a little nervous/anxious that I might embarrass myself. - I've done one group run, but had to cancel the other due to a work conflict. 
  3. Complete my relay, have fun, & relax & enjoy the experience more this year, rather than stressing about the details. - So far, so good. :-) 
  4. Figure out what to get M for our anniversary. I'm thinking of experiences in Hawaii, rather than a gift, so I need to get thing planned. - Haven't made any progress on this since my last check in. 
  5. Stay on track with our budget. - On track except for food! We took the boys out to eat after their triathlon, and we've spent more than planned on groceries. We have one extra shopping day (we buy all of our weekly groceries on Saturdays) than normal. Still on balance, on track. 
  6. Put more thought into our plans for our Seattle house (selling, keeping), plus our long term plan here (renting, buying, etc) - have put no more thought into this. Need to email the accountant!
  7. Menu plan. For reals. For the entire month.- Yes, on track!
  8. Plan a fun activity for Labor Day weekend. - Not yet.
  9. Figure out work & personal travel through the end of 2015. - Mostly sorted, but not completely.
  10. Start planning our 2016 budget, including tweaks to our categories, budget amounts, etc. - Haven't started. 
  11. Call to see if we can reduce our car insurance. - Yes, done & saved a bunch of money! ;-) 
  12. FIND A NANNY!! School starts in 2 1/2 weeks, & I'm starting to panic. - Yes, done!
  13. Seriously get more balanced in the work/life balance equation. It's pretty bad right now. Some goals I'm thinking of related to that:
    1. One night (or less) a week with evening calls. It's super hard to come home, make dinner, squeeze in family time, dreading the knowledge that I have to put in another couple of hours starting at 8:30 pm.  - eh, I'm trying, but recruiting interviews are getting in my way.
    2. Amp up my recruiting efforts. I'm already spending 15 hours/week on this, but i have 3 people manager roles to fill, and once I fill them, my life will be MUCH easier, my evening/morning calls will be reduced, & I can travel less. - yes,I have two promising candidates out of my 3 manager roles. 
    3. Minimize travel to only urgent/super important tasks. - Yes, looking for ways to cut at least one country out of my proposed calendar. 
    4. Work out 5 days/week. This requires getting up earlier, making time for my afternoon runs, etc. I must prioritize my health! - Nope. I've been really needing my sleep from late meetings & haven't prioritized it!
Based on my progress (or, lack thereof), I'm going to email the accountant today about our Seattle house, work on the 2016 budget, come up with a workout schedule for the week, and finalize our Hawaii plans. Fingers crossed! :-) 

How are you doing with your August goals? Any major progress? 

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  1. Its so much more fun planning relaxation trips versus business travel, isn't it? We have our 10th anniversary coming up in September but based on business will be lucky if we sneak away for the weekend with the dog :) That's part of the reason I book our holidays so far in advance. I use an excel spreadsheet for our budget that is based on actuals from last year and just copy it each year. It seems relatively painless - but your life changed a lot in the past year so not quite so easy for you. Boy, you sure have a lot of work travel coming up - do they let you out of the office at all so you can look around? So many neat places, at least you get airline points out of it.