Friday, August 7, 2015

A whirlwind of international travel

I *finally* got all of my work travel sorted out (yet to book, but dates are now confirmed) through the end of the year. Somehow, between myself & the husband, we have the following coming up:

  • I'm heading to Portland for our annual 200 mile family relay in late August
  • M, a trip to Dubai to see his family (it's been 10+ years since he's been able to see his sister, niece, nephew, etc) in September
  • Right after M is back, I'm heading to London (work) for 10 days. Way too long of a trip for me.
  • Then I'm back for two days & head to Hawaii with M for our 10th anniversary. Super fun, but wish it wasn't wedged in between everything.
  • Back from Hawaii, heading to Taipei, India, & then China. Long, long work trip.
  • Home for a few weeks, heading to Sao Paulo (work, of course) for a week
And, that's it for the rest of the year, minus visiting the family for Christmas. By that point, I may say no to traveling for any reason whatsoever. I'm flying to Tokyo right after the first of the year.

Heaven help me. I know none of you know me in person, and may look at international travel as an amazing gift. Which, it most definitely can be. But, not when it's a whirlwind of airports, hotels & meetings with no sightseeing. It's exhausting. I also can't sleep on planes, and don't enjoy anything about work travel. 

But, looking on the bright side, I've been absolutely dreading get the dates & trips locked down. Now that the time has come & everything is confirmed, I can deal with it & move on. There has to be a bright spot, after all. :-) I'm an eternal optimist.

And, it's FRIDAY! TGIF. Plan to have a glass of wine while I make dinner, spend some time snuggling some little boys (and M, of course), and read a book.

In fun news, we finally managed to grow melons in our container garden! I'm not a huge cantaloupe fan, & didn't even know we planted any, but the boys are thrilled. We are trying the watermelon tonight!


  1. You are a trooper. I couldn't handle that much work travel. I also can't sleep on planes. Did you know your job was going to have this much travel when you took it?

    1. Definitely not. My role was an individual contributor role, focused only on the US. Now it's a global role with teams in three regions. Would never have accepted it - I was pretty clear on taking a role without travel when I accepted, because we had just wrapped up M finishing a job where he traveled 40% of the time.

  2. Wow! I like to travel---but that is a grueling schedule!

  3. Oh My Goodness you are busy! I hope you are able to fully enjoy every minute with your family though. And those melons looks awesome!