Wednesday, November 29, 2023

2024 Goals - It's All About the Money....

Not really, of course, as I do have other goals, but having Sam start college in 2024 (with Nick just behind him in 2025) is definitely bringing our budget to the forefront of our goals! You'll notice a heavier weighting on financial goals this year, as we tighten things up a bit, and ensure we're ready for the upcoming college years.

Here's what I'm thinking about, in terms of goals for 2024.


  • Max both boys 529s - $34,000
  • Max our 401ks (standard contribution for me + M's catch up contribution) - $53,500
  • Save the remainder of Sam's college expenses. This is a huge stretch goal, and is dependent upon a variety of things, but I'd like to wrap up his savings, so we can move on to finishing out Nick's college expenses. By having the savings even a year or so in advance, it reduces the need for us to cash flow as much, and gives me more work flexibility. 
  • Earn $3,000 in side hustle
  • Set monthly pantry or freezer challenges


  • Help Sam transition to college
  • Get Nick through the college application process + SATs & AP tests for both boys
  • Optimize our points, perks, miles, etc, to keep travel costs in check while enjoying travel
  • Plan one fun activity per month with both boys, until Sam leaves for college


  • Stretch 2x/week
  • Lose weight (135 by Sam's graduation)
  • Run 2 half marathons + Hood to Coast
  • Continue to strength train regularly
  • Follow the No S diet


  • Get together with friends 1x/month
  • Practice Farsi 100 times
  • Declutter 500 items from the house (can include papers, etc) 

What about you? What goals do you have for 2024?


  1. One of the reasons I have kept working part time (along with inflation) has been to help fund Grandchildren’s 529’s. I so understand! Cindy in the South

  2. I love your goals! YOu break it down wonderfully. I am inspired!

  3. You are on the ball already posting your 2024 goals! I hope you meet each and everyone of them. One of mine is to continue to lose weight and hopefully get my knee surgery. Time will tell on that one. :)