Thursday, November 30, 2023

November Goals Recap

 November was another wild month, with not one, but two international work trips! London, followed by Tokyo two weeks later. Do NOT recommend!


  • Stick to our budget - nope. We were out of a bunch of stuff, I bought a few things on seasonal sales, and Nick had some really, really intense nose bleeds which resulted in us having to replace some stuff (house things, like bedding & a rug, and soccer stuff). None of which was cheap. Poor guy! 
  • Use three "hard to use" freezer or pantry items - We used up one (a bag of cranberries.) Luckily, seasonality was on our side for this one ;-) 
  • Work on college funding plans - yes!


  • One fun activity with each teen - Sam & I watched a movie together, I took Nick out after his last club game, and out to dinner after his varsity game. 
  • Have two meetings with each teen - endless discussions with Sam about college, and Nick & I have also spent quite a bit of time discussing things as well
  • Help Nick with his list of potential colleges/tours - yes, lots of discussions happening here
  • Finalize Thanksgiving & ski plans - we had a great Thanksgiving, and are waiting to hear back about a less expensive ski option in December. 
  • Work on plans for Sam's senior trip - we are on pause until we hear back from M's mom on whether she can meet us somewhere.
  • Deep clean one item/area in the house - I went through my dresser & coat closet, decluttered & gave a lot away!


  • Start new training plan for Napa Half - I've been a bit hit or miss, but had a great week last week. Now I just need to keep that up when I'm traveling.
  • Run 40 miles - I ran 35 miles this month. 
  • Follow the No S diet - I've been pretty hit or miss on this.
  • Maintain my diet & fitness plans during my work trip - I did "okay" with this. I worked out, but not great/intense workouts, and my eating was also "meh". 
  • Complete 10 strength training workouts - 10 exactly!
  • Lose 2 lbs - yes
  • Clean up the garden - Lots of leaf collecting!
  • Start learning Farsi - I had a few days of lessons
  • Do something social with friends - met a friend for a workout + coffee, and another friend for a hike + coffee, and played pickle ball with another friend. 
  • Give away 20 items on Buy Nothing - I definitely exceeded this, with 50+ items. 
  • Try one new recipe - I made a chicken pesto pasta dish that was pretty good
What about you? How did you do with your November goals?


  1. I really enjoy you recapping your goals. I have tried to set monthly goals, but I tend to lose interest and then don't get anything done. So, I concentrate on small daily goals of maybe 4-5 things to get done. This usually works. :-)

  2. You managed to get a great many of your goals completed.

    God bless.