Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December goal check - week one

Can you believe the first week of December is already gone? Holy smokes! This month is flying by. These are my goals for the month, as well as a little update on my progress.

  1. Lose 5 lbs - get weight back to 144 pounds. - Well, for whatever reason, my weight topped out at 152 over the weekend. I'm now slowly pulling it back from that, & I'm at 151.4. Obviously, a ton of work to do here.
  2. Complete 500 minutes of cardio  - I'm at 191 minutes, so 38% of my goal. On track. I need to be ahead of my target for the first few weeks, because I know the last couple of weeks in the month will be challenging with holidays, traveling, & vacation.
  3. Complete 8 strength workouts - I've completed 3 workouts, so at 37% of my goal. I hope to get slightly ahead, for the same reason as above. The last two weeks of the month are going to be crazy town.
  4. Plan spring break trip - We are unable to find reasonably priced airfare to Hawaii for four. We're not willing to take flights that aren't direct (we're in Seattle, not Texas - we should be able to easily find direct flights!) within our price point. More to come on the plan for this.
  5. Plan mid-winter break trip - I think I have a solid plan for this, but need to review with the other players (my sister & husband). :-)
  6. Bake Christmas cookies with the kids & take them to look at holiday lights. - We've done both, but the cookies were a disaster. Can't decide if we're going to try again, or skip it.
  7. Track all spending - On track for this.
  8. Monthly expenditures total less than $15,000, with the exception of using the bonus money to pay off the $35K 401K loan. - Slightly above the pace for this, but I did pay the $2000 on our refinance, which will hopefully be our highest non-mortgage spend of the month.
  9. Keep grocery bill to $600 - Roughly on track for this. At $160 for the month.
  10. Get together with two friends - Hmmm, I need to reschedule a lunch with a friend, & I'm supposed to be getting together with another friend this weekend. On track, overall.  
How are you doing with your December goals?

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  1. I didn't make any goals this month, just want to get what needs done, done! ;) Good luck with your goals this month!