Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday goals & a recap

Yesterday was a super productive day!

Here's a recap of my to do's
  • Soccer at 9:00 am for both kids Done. :-) They each scored two goals.
  • Finish wrapping all of my remaining gifts. Done! I do still need to find a gift for my grandmother to give to M (got that? ;-)) as she asked for help shopping. I'll have to wrap that once I decide what to get him.
  • Write/address all holiday cards. Done! Still missing a couple of addresses, but I've contacted those folks to ask for updated information.
  • Make sugar cookies with the kids. Done! Although, this was an accomplishment really only on "paper", as I tried the Martha Stewart sugar cookie recipe, and tried to use my push in cookie pan (you don't cut the dough with cookie cutters - instead you push it into a pan with shapes made in it). For whatever reason, that was a total failure. We made several batches, adjusted the cooking time, temperature, etc, but they didn't work out. I'll either need a different recipe to go with the pan, or switch to cutters. I was trying to make things easier, since I was baking with a four year old. :-) I'm thinking I'll try this recipe & follow this great blog write up. Too bad I didn't see this yesterday!
  • Laundry. Done. But, of course there's more today. Laundry is the task that's never truly done. ;-)  
  • Figure out dinner plan. . . We were originally thinking of taking the kids to a Parents Night Out, but it looks like we're staying in instead. Homemade pizzas? We made this amazing chicken pesto pizza recipe, & it was fantastic! I should be making my own crust, but we cheated & bought the Boboli pizza pack from Costco. The kids prefer cheese/pepperoni variations, so they had customized toppings & M & I had the chicken pesto. YUM! I skipped the green onions (I was out), but otherwise made it following the recipe. I diced up some chicken we had on hand, & it was easy & excellent.
  • Work out! Done! I did a 40 minute elliptical workout yesterday.
Moving on to today!

  1. Menu plan for the week
  2. Work out
  3. Laundry (again)
  4. Pack lunches for tomorrow
  5. Decide on/make dinner. I'm off track this week with the menu, & need a plan!
  6. Return a couple of things to the mall.
  7. Take oldest to swimming lessons.
  8. Clean out fridge! It's a disaster.
  9. Hit the store for a couple of ingredients for the week.
  10. Weekly spending write up.
  11. Make banana muffins for the freezer.
What's on your list for today or the week ahead?

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  1. Wow you've done a lot! My list for today is to get some stuff at the grocery store and to try and buy some presents!