Friday, December 2, 2011

Net Worth Update - December 2011

My last net worth update can be found here.

I pull all of our numbers on the first of each month & calculate our net worth. (Note that I don't count our kids college accounts, as they are 529s, and for college tuition only. Maybe I should, but I consider the accounts part of their net worth, as we will not be using them? Also, M has one very high risk investment account that I don't track. It fluctuates WILDLY, and it makes me anxious to look at the numbers, so I don't even pay attention to it. :-))

Here's where we are as of December 1st:

$34,549 - M's 401K loan. (Down $1,187)
$1,043,612 - Property loans. (Down $1,953)

$860,000 - value of primary residence (No change)
$334,000 - value of vacation residence (No change)
$435,655 - retirement accounts (Up $4,822)
$157,325 - stock options via employer (on a vesting schedule & subject to forfeiture should either of us switch employers) (Down, $3,670, as one of my grants vested & we used the money to pay for the kids college funds).
$30,821 - liquid cash (Up $3,714)

Total net worth = $739, 641. Up $7,008 from November 1st, as you can see, through a combination of slightly increased value of our 401Ks, liquid cash, decrease in liabilities offsetting a small dip in our stock options.

Do you track your net worth? Have you found it to be a helpful tool in long(er) term planning & goals? I mostly find it motivating, but we lost *a ton* of money this year in our 401Ks, so it's hard to see the number when they're trending down. It's a dose of reality that sometimes I don't want to swallow. :-)


  1. I don't really track my net worth right now. It most likely wouldn't be pretty.

  2. We do once a year - every January - to give us motivation. Looking up home value sucks, our is dropping again, but our 401(k) is going up, so maybe that is enough to offset. We are still in the major throws of getting out of debt, so we look good just form the amount of debt we pay off yearly.

  3. I do track our NW and find it really motivating - pensions are a little different here in the UK (we only have an annual figure due at retirement age, so no fund amount as such), so I don't track these.....I focus on being mortgage free more than anything else for now.

    Thanks for posting your numbers Hawaii Planner!