Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

There's a lot going on this week, so here's what's on the agenda:

  • Monday - M's out of town. I'll be enjoying leftover Persian dinner (rice, beef kebabs & cucumber yogurt sauce)
  • Tuesday - Either Persian dinner, or something else from the freezer
  • Wednesday - Tortellini with pesto
  • Thursday - Enchiladas (from the freezer)
  • Friday - Taco & margarita fest with the family (in town for S's birthday)
  • Saturday - Skiing all day, so ordering take out Maggiano's for S's birthday dinner. My mom is bringing the cupcakes.
  • Sunday - Pizza or leftovers
What's on your menu this week? I got a bread maker for my birthday, so I'm excited to try out new recipes!

Here are a few pictures from our ski day yesterday. It was gorgeous!

And, N, who skied a couple of black runs with me. It was fun, but a little scary!


  1. What a beautiful place to ski!!
    Your menu looks yummy! Any special plans for Valentine's Day?

    1. It was gorgeous! It got foggy later in the day, but it was breathtaking in the morning.

      I forgot that Thursday was Valentine's Day. My birthday was Sunday, & my oldest is turning 7 on Friday, so it's a crazy, event packed week. I need to go for something easy on Thursday, and have a late meeting. . . very "romantic". ;-)

  2. Your Friday looks like a fun meal!!!
    And you are so much more talented than I am. I can barely walk-Skiing would do me in.

    1. Can't wait for margaritas. Typically we wait until spring arrives to turn from cosmopolitans to margaritas, but we'll make an exception for the fiesta this Friday :-)

      Oh, I'm wildly uncoordinated, & barely survive on skis!

  3. OH wow.. look at those mountains!!! Beautiful! Truthfully though.. i'd cry being that high up. You'd have to push me down.. haha!!

    1. Trust me when I say that when I got to the top of the one of the scarier looking black runs, the only thing that made me go down was knowing that N (my mini skier) was already careening down the mountain. Mother's adrenaline!