Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekly spending wrap up (1/28/13-2/3/13)

I'm a little late getting this up, but tracking my weekly spending is always illuminating, & often shames me into not making unnecessary purchases. :-) After a nutty week with sick kids (& one sick kid), there was some random spending in there, but nothing too exuberant.

  • Monday (1/28/13) - $4.67 - postage for my Ebay sales.
  • Tuesday (1/29/13) - No spend day!
  • Wednesday (1/30/13)- No spend day!
  • Thursday (1/31/13)-
    • $1 at Rite Aid for Gatorade for a sick kid
    • $5.51 for medicine.
  • Friday (2/1/13)-
    • Received a check for $12, as reimbursement for a gift I picked up.
    • $36.52 - groceries at Costco
  • Saturday (2/2/13)-
    • $30.95 - gas
    • $40.16 - groceries at Costco (again. Poor planning)
    • $3.71 - groceries at Fred Meyer
    • $7.99 - Beer for M for the Superbowl
    • $25.13 on household items
    • Out to dinner with a friend & our kids. Used a gift card.
  • Sunday (2/3/13)-
    • $8.69 on snacks while skiing
    • $19.75 on dessert for an impromptu dinner with friends. My friend treated me to a ski lesson & dinner for all of us, so this was my contribution.
    • $9.71 - car wash after skiing

How did we do? Total spend of $181.79, which is better than I expected, given the few splurge purchases we made (dessert out, picking up some Superbowl snacky stuff for M, etc).

Even though the January Financial Challenge is over, I'm really trying to hold myself to the $360/week budget.

How did your week go? Do you track your spending weekly?


  1. I track every penny I spend. It keeps me from sending unnecessarily. That said I consider certain parts of the property tax that I paid this week to be unnecessary. Unfortunately the city doesn't agree. : >

    1. I track all of ours in an Excel spreadsheet, but tracking is only good if you're also "reviewing", & that's the part that I sometimes overlook. ;-)

      Oh yes, property tax. A double-edged sword! I happen to live in an area where a great deal of property tax is currently being spent (a giant, 5-10 year road project) & long-term, I'll benefit greatly from the changes. Short term, it's a complete hassle & pain. . . that I'm PAYING for! Insult to injury. :-)