Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Spending Wrap Up (2/11-2/17/13)

Here's how we spent our money last week! It was a much spendier week than normal, but pretty much everything was planned for my son's birthday (although swapping bowling & a movie for skiing due to weather).

  • Monday - No spend day
  • Tuesday - No spend day
  • Wednesday -
    • $.60 at Tully's for a sandwich. The rest was on a gift card.
  • Thursday -
    • $44.53 - Valentine's Day lunch.
    • Costco - $112.25. Groceries for the week & house guests.
    • Costco - $27.48 - yard stuff
    • Costco - $42.84 - wine. They stopped carrying my generic brand & M got the real stuff. It's almost twice as expensive. *sheds tear*
  • Friday -
    • $11.53 - Rite Aid for mailing envelopes for eBay purchases.
  • Saturday - We were supposed to ski with family for S's birthday, but we got rained out. We ended up bowling, & taking the kids to a movie. It was a great birthday anyway!
    • $118.14 - bowling, drinks, & snacks at the bowling alley.
    • $33 - movies
    • $36.58 - Maggiano's takeout
    • $15.29 - Office Depot (eBay supplies)
    • $41.79 - Post office (eBay)
  • Sunday -
    • $13.87 - Target. The boys each got Target gift cards in their birthday goodie bags, but somehow, N lost his. Not sure where it went, but when we went to pick out prizes, I paid for his treat. Maybe we'll find it, but I won't hold my breath. :-)
    • $76.45 - Gas
    • Costco - $86.29 - groceries. We had guests all weekend, so we  went through a ton of supplies.
    • Costco - $13.82 - dishwasher detergent (house category).
Total spent = $674.46

We had $175 planned for S's birthday, & ended up spending $187, which is pretty great, considering we swapped the plans. That doesn't include the money we spent entertaining guests, of course.

How about you? How spendy was your weekend? I'm off to have a Mom/Boy ski day at the mountain today, since school is closed here. Can't wait to spend time with my boys. :-)


  1. Not too spendy here. $65.96 at the grocery stores this week, but we hit the Discount Outlet Sunday for a combination of some food items(olive oil, spices, etc.)and some house stuff(new shower curtains, bath rug and killer 100% cotton king size sheets and extra pillowcases. With my discount, I got all the discount outlet stuff for $66.47. I sprang for Chinese take-out for 3 on Saturday(b/c we didn't go out on V-day)so there was another $27. All totaled, my week ran $159.43.
    Hubs week?....$124.72 + cash he spent at work on coffee, food and any incidentals he picked up and doesn't tell me about. $284.15 for the week I know about and about $50 of it is questionable...aka not necessary on Hubs end. ;-)

  2. I spent $3 for dessert this weekend, as lunch was free from my half brother. Well, and $4 in toll money, but other than that, I did pretty well!