Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Spending Wrap Up (2/4/13-2/10/13)

Last week was a little bit spendier than normal - we had to pay for half of our door repairs (at our vacation house) & we had some additional splurges in there, as well as picking up some spring yard items.
  • Monday - No spend day!
  • Tuesday - No spend day!
  • Wednesday -
    • $.86 on two small potatoes at the store. It's for a special rice dish M made me for my birthday. You thinly slice the potatoes on the pan (in oil, of course - it's a splurge!) to form a crust before you add the rice.
    • $1. It was free frozen yogurt day at Menchies. This was for a tip for the poor girls working in there. It was madness!
  • Thursday -
    • $1.99 - tortillas at the grocery store. Of course, what I defrosted turned out to be spaghetti sauce instead of taco meat, but who's counting? ;-)
  • Friday -
    • $28.64 - Birthday lunch! The rest was covered by a gift card.
    • $70 on yard items at Costco (goes under the house category)
    • $102.91 - groceries at Costco. Big expenses this week were cashews (one of my snacks I eat after runs) & coffee. Total for those two items was just over $30. The rest was:.
      • Laughing cow cheese, 2 containers of organic eggs, milk
      • Bagels
      • Bananas, grapes, oranges, pears, apples, kiwi, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber
    • $1285 - deposit for the repairs on our door/roof at our vacation house.
  • Saturday
    • Pre-birthday massage (covered by a gift card & coupon!)
    • $12.20 at Fred Meyer, Valentine's cards for two kids, construction paper for our Valentine's craft, & dry milk
  • Sunday -
    • $20 on ski snacks (estimate, as I didn't keep my receipts)
All told, we spent $1522.60 last week.

How did you do on your weekly spending?


  1. Ouch on the roof! Guess it's gotta be done! :( I did well last week.. had $60 left at the end of the week! We'll see how we do this week. I went to the grocery store to grab literally 4 ITEMS today. Walked out with 3 cloth bags full and almost $60 poorer. lol!! Don't you hate that? haha!!

    1. we knew the repair was coming (and, sadly, that's only half), but it was no fun to write the check just the same. Luckily we've gotten several refinance checks back to offset the expenses.

      Oh yes, been there many, many times at the grocery store!

  2. I think the repair was your only large expense! Love those no spend days, right?