Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just over a week until it's move day!

I can't believe it, but my last day of work (in the office) is next Friday. The boys & I will fly out that evening, as the movers will be packing up the house & furniture. We're staying at a hotel for a few days until our furniture & household items arrive.

Here's what I've done so far, & of course, what remains to be done! :-) I also managed to find soccer teams for the boys, even though it meant signing up to be an assistant coach! Motherly love, I tell you. :-)

  1. Work out a minimum of 2x/week. This is not a lot for me, honestly, but I have to commit. So many other competing priorities have made this not an option lately, but it's a must do. So far, so good.
  2. Wrap up my Ebay stuff until we're moved/unpacked. I finished/mailed my last package today, & I'm pretty much out of stuff to sell anyway. Good timing. ;-) I've made $2333 on eBay so far this year (that's the net profit - after shipping, fees, etc). Not too shabby! - Yes, although one of my packages was lost in the mail, & my receipt is missing in the moving craziness. Not happy that I had to eat the cost.
  3. Sell our treadmill. It is not getting moved, so this is a must do. - Done! I made $800 for my "yoga/gym" fund. :-)
  4. Finalize housing. We have temporary housing as a back up, but we're actually hoping to find our own place in another city that we both prefer. - Done! We rented a house. I've never seen it, but let's hope I like it. ;-)
  5. Register the kids in school. This is dependent on #5. If it comes down to the wire, I'll register them at our temp housing address. - Nope. Can't register until 9/1 when our lease begins. But, I'm planning on doing all of the paperwork/pre-registration online tomorrow.
  6. Give notice at work (Thursday!!!) - Oh, yes. This happened. My manager & I don't really see eye-to-eye, so this was a bit of a disaster. I'll be working in the office until next week, & then working remotely from our San Francisco office for September, wrapping up a few projects.
  7. Pack & shop for my family beach vacation, & enjoy it. Who knows when it will happen again? - Oh, my oh my did we ever have a fabulous time!
  8. Buy one way tickets for our flight to San Francisco. - Done! The boys & I are flying out next Friday, & M will join us once the movers are done on Saturday.
  9. Sell all the rest of our furnishings that we're not moving. - Ugh. I have a coffee table, two end tables, & a sectional still to go.
  10. Cancel utilities. - I'm half done.
And, on to what remains to be done:

  1. Make a menu for the last few dinners.
  2. Call the moving company to get a list of things we can't pack.
  3. Give away all remaining items we can't move.
  4. Sell all remaining furniture on Craigslist, or donate.
  5. Cancel garbage service.
  6. Sign up/transfer trash service.
  7. Sign up/transfer water service.
  8. Sign up/transfer power service.
  9. Get the boys their required immunization (specific to their school district - they already meet the state standards.) What a fun welcome to California! ;-)
  10. Enroll the boys in school.
  11. Figure out soccer schedule.
  12. Have a call with a recruiter who has been "stalking" me. ;-) The role definitely sounds interesting, but I promised myself 3 months without even looking for something else. Ha!
  13. Pack for our flight. We're taking multiple suitcases, as we likely won't have our belongings for over a week.
  14. Decide on a rental property management house for our primary residence.
  15. Finish remodel on primary residence. Oh yes, such a small task. ;-)
  16. List our vacation home.
  17. Work out a minimum of twice this week.
  18. Research activities for the kids.
  19. Find a new gym.
I think that will do it!

In other news, my mom, sister & I walked ten miles last Sunday. We also drank wine, watched four cousins pick blackberries & play hide & seek, and laughed a lot. What a fabulous beach vacation!


Power walkers!

A gorgeous sunset from the deck.

Happy (almost) Friday! Any big weekend plans for you?

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