Friday, August 23, 2013

The final pre-move menu plan

We're almost there! The freezer is looking pretty bare, although we'll definitely have to give some food away at the end.

Here's what's on the menu for the final days!

  • Saturday - grilled burgers (using the last of the ground beef), Greek salad (using the last of our tomato plants) & margaritas. Have to use up the tequila that we can't move! ;-)
  • Sunday - M is flying to San Francisco, so the kids & I will have leftovers.
  • Monday - Me + the kids only. Pasta & baked chicken nuggets.
  • Tuesday - Me + the kids only. Tacos, using up some extra seasoned beef I found in the freezer. I thought it was all gone. It's haunting me. ;-)
  • Wednesday - Pasta + chicken, of some sort.
  • Thursday - There's a leftover pizza crust in the freezer, so we'll use this up + whatever toppings remain.
  • Friday  - The pan of enchiladas that we just can't seem to tackle, or leftovers. :-)

That will get us about 75% of the way there. The rest I'll give to our houseguest. I'm sure he'll appreciate the free food.

Plans for tomorrow:
  1. Working out. I *need* to get in a workout.
  2. Do online pre-registration for schools.
  3. Clean out freezers.
  4. Clean out fridges.
  5. Start packing suitcases for Friday.
  6. Prep for call on Sunday. A recruiter is calling me. ON a SUNDAY! Apparently, they are pretty motivated. ;-)
  7. Make bread.
  8. Pre-mix margaritas & make hamburgers (we're having friends over for dinner).
  9. Entertain three boys at a last hurrah sleepover. :-)
  10. Reply to a bunch of Craigslist emails.

I think that will keep me busy! It's feeling very close! What are you up to this weekend? Any fun end of summer plans?


  1. Have fun! Stay calm! And you will be in my thoughts..keep us posted

    1. I'm actually remarkably calm. I'm not sure why, but most of the nerves are pretty controlled at this point!

  2. It's going to go could it not with all your prep?

    1. I have done a lot of prep work - that much is true!

  3. Looks like you've worked through a good amount of the food, and i'm sure your houseguest will greatly appreciate it! :) Good luck with your list!!

    1. I feel good - I cleaned all of the meat (save for our dinners the next couple of nights) out of the freezer, gave all of that away, & we mostly just have produce yet. We're closing in on the end!