Sunday, March 23, 2014

Financial update

It's been so long since I posted last! I hope everyone is doing great, knocking their goals out of the park, & having a fabulous March.

M has the kids at soccer this morning (bright & early, at 8:00 am), so I'm trying to be productive before sweaty little boys come home. ;-) I've got muffins in the oven, bread in the bread maker, I'm washing sheets, & cleaning the fridge!

A few quick updates - I've been working out more! Working out makes me feel sane. :-) I get my best ideas on runs/walks. I also feel much better about myself when I make time to exercise. All of those endorphins, I suppose. I'm still working too much, but hope is in sight! I've already hired an employee who will start on 4/1, and I have two more in the pipeline that I expect to be able to hire in the next month. YES! These people will all work in different time zones (where we have other staff), so I can reduce my evening meetings & early morning meetings. I'm very happy about that. ;-)

We celebrated our little leprechaun's birthday on Monday (he turned 7 - seriously, where has the time gone?), and we've been doing carpools & soccer & sleepovers. Childhood is much like I remember it, and I do everything I can to not let my work interfere with all of the activities that make childhood special.

Here is the birthday boy, putting on a musical performance

I've been doing much of the cooking on weekends, and then eating leftovers during the week. By doing that + adding in a few freezer meals, it's been working extremely well. We are already over our March grocery budget, but M's been doing most of the shopping, & he tends to be more "free" with the grocery spending than I am. ;-) 

In other financial news, everything is just sort of working. We are waiting to figure out our tax bill. Mostly, I have to go through the effort of closing out the last few details. I think we're going to owe around $15K to the federal government, and get a small refund from the state.

M & I are also going to take a mini adult only vacation in a few weeks. My parents are coming to hang out with the boys, and we're going to Napa. I wish it were longer (just two nights), but I'm thrilled to get some alone time just the same!

In other great news, we have a showing at our vacation house today. Fingers crossed!!

Have a fabulous, relaxing, & productive Sunday!

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  1. Good luck with the showing, and I hope an offer follows! The agency we used just opened an office there, so even though you're using them they might bring in more potential buyers.