Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Night Chit Chat

Thanks so much to Carla for hosting!

  • What are you watching? - The boys are watching a car show about Porsches. ;-) 
  • What are you looking forward to this week? - My parents are flying in on Wednesday. Super excite for them to see the boys, and to spend time with them. They have never been here, so it should be fun. M & I are also going away for two nights to Napa. CAN'T wait!! :-) 
  • Lesson did you learn last week? - That I need to branch out, socially. And, manage my calendar more diligently. Also, I learned to give a bit more (socially) at work. I'm all business (but friendly), but have discovered that investing the time & energy to be more social means a happier & more enjoyable work environment. I'm naturally more of an "eat lunch at my desk, run back & forth to meetings, & then hustle out to pick up the kids" person, but I'm trying to carve out like 30-60 minutes per week to be more social. 
  • What was your best moment over the last week? - Today, spending time with my boys, playing in the sun, and laughing. So nice! I also made the effort to go & talk to two of the neighbors & exchange email addresses, so maybe we can go for the occasional hike. I miss having friends, so these are needed steps!
  • What is your #1 goal for next week? - Finish our planning to come up with the money to pay for our major tax bill. Good times! ;-) 
  • What was your Best/Worst Financial decision over the last week? - Best decision - rather than suggesting take out after a very long & wet soccer game, I threw together a quick & delicious dinner. Worst decision - not last week's decision, but not finding an accountant until it was too late. SO painful to go it alone this year. 
  • Which recipe is next on your "to try" list? - I've been craving chicken parmesan, so may try this one
I managed to walk 4 miles today (split into two groups), did my power yoga, made homemade pizza for dinner (chicken pesto, with goat cheese for the adults, cheese for the kids), made bread, cleaned the fridge, did laundry, coordinated the April soccer carpool schedule (I swear, i need a masters degree in scheduling), & started to pack for our trip. Great & productive day!

How about you? How is your Sunday going?


  1. That tax bill really is a punch in the gut. We filed our company taxes (small refund as we over-prepaid) but have been waiting to file our personal taxes on dividend slips - still not here so we are filing without them. We have until the end of April in Canada so a bit of time yet. Have fun at Napa - pics please!

  2. As busy as you are (and I know you are BUSY), I love that you always find time to do fun things with your boys AND time for yourself to exercise. I'd probably just come home and not want to move out of my chair ;-).

    Any news on the beach house?