Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A little weekend getaway

M & I took a mini vacation on Thursday evening, while my parents flew in to watch the boys. It was one of my goals of 2014 to have at least one solo weekend, and it was so fabulous. :-) I absolutely adore my boys, but having a little adult time was the best!

My parents managed all of the normal kid activities (the school walkathon, two soccer games, and two soccer practices), while we played blackjack by the pool, sipping mojitos. ;-) I got a great massage, and we had leisurely meals together. It was way too short (we had to fly back on Saturday evening, as my parents Sunday evening flight got moved up by 5 hours!).

And, we were fully back to reality on Sunday morning. Nick had soccer at 8:00 am, I took my parents to the airport, Sam had a soccer game (scored his second goal of the weekend!), Nick had a birthday party, and finally, Sam had a pool party with a friend. Other than doing the laundry & picking up groceries, it was all I could do to survive the day. ;-)

We came home with a little bit of money, which is always a great way to end a trip to Las Vegas. :-) The time away really reminded me how much fun we have together, and how important it is to reconnect. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day of parenting, but we also need to make time for our marriage. Since our last getaway, we've - moved, both switched jobs, and there's been a tremendous amount of stress and change. I'm hoping to schedule more regular date nights, since weekends away aren't possible without a lot of advanced planning.

Back to reality! Here's our menu plan:

Monday - tacos
Tuesday - grilled burgers & homemade buns
Wednesday - Leftover tacos
Thursday - Chicken & pasta
Friday - risotto. Not sure on the flavor yet. Maybe asparagus & chicken?
Saturday - homemade pizza
Sunday - Still have to figure this one out, but if Costco has salmon, we will likely grill that with corn or asparagus

It's supposed to be warm all week, so we're looking forward to the nice weather. What's on your menu this week? How do you make time for your spouse? Regular date nights, or weekend getaways?

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  1. Sounds like a great getaway for both of you. We sure didn't get many when the kids were little - they were very special when they did occur. They still come few and far between for us, but at least these days my husband and I get to spend some time together while the girls are at school, although it's usually nothing more exciting than running errands together. I'm looking forward to getting away with him to Kaua'i next month. It won't be entirely for pleasure or relaxation (we do have to hopefully find some place to live!).