Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another Saturday, another soccer game

Sam has soccer all.the.time. ;-) 

Luckily, the game is at our local elementary school, so just walking distance from our house.

Also on the agenda today:
  1. A trip to Costco for grocery shopping
  2. A couple of miles around the track (during soccer warm ups, naturally) :)
  3. Yoga
  4. Make banana muffins
  5. The produce stand for some mini cucumbers & strawberries
  6. Rite Aid for Motrin. Nick has had a terrible headache for a few days now - poor guy.
And, I think we're going to grill burgers tonight - it's supposed to be 75 today. Mayyyybe, we'll get crazy & make some margaritas tonight. We're a wild crew!

What about you? What are you up to this Saturday? How is the weather in your area? Fingers crossed that the game isn't quite the 0-11 blowout of last weekend. ;-) 


  1. I have to admit this is secretly one of the reasons I'm glad the girls never played soccer. We have one athlete, but all her meets/practices are after school, and she's old enough to get herself home on the bus (we do go to the meets).

    I'm taking the last of the three girls to buy her bathing suit(s) today, although her sisters will be going along as well to help. Otherwise it's a quiet day here, with another round of going through stuff and downsizing. We move out of the cottage week after next, and only want to move back in for the last month with the stuff we'll be taking with us.

  2. It was high 70's here in Louisiana today and a beoootiful day!
    Went to a microbrewery, drank beer, went to dinner, then ate pie.
    Spending time with your almost grown daughter? Priceless.