Thursday, April 17, 2014

April goal check

The month is half way over, so I thought it would be good to do a quick check on where I'm at. Mostly because I need to refresh my own memory on what I said I'd get done this month. ;-)

All right, so here's my  list of goals, & where I'm at:

  1. Lose 3 lbs. - I've lost one pound. Considering we had our little adult getaway this month, I'm pretty pleased about this. On track.
  2. Track my calories every day using MyFitnessPal - Yes! This is just habit & I really enjoy taking a closer look at my calorie intake, & how it trends, & how that impacts my weight.
  3. No dessert at work! For the entire month! - This has been incredibly difficult for me, but yes! I'm shocked by how many extra calories I have each day to spend on healthier food. :-) 
  4. Complete 1,000 minutes of cardio. - I'm at 520, so on track. 
  5. Complete 8 strength workouts. - Yes! 4 workouts so far.
  6. Complete 8 stretching workouts. I'm good at getting in one workout a week (on Sundays). I need to also do one evening per week. - Fail. :-( Zero. Nick has started soccer on Sundays, which has completely interfered with my schedule. I need to find a new yoga routine.
  7. Register for a half marathon, or a 15K. Start training. - Yes! I've signed up for a run in July, and have started increasing my mileage (both walking & running).
  8. Better manage my work schedule - take more breaks, work out regularly, and block out time on the calendar. - Baby steps, but yes!
  9. Have one date night with M (should be easy - we're doing a long weekend together). - Done! We went to Las Vegas & had an amazing time together. Although, it was too short!
  10. Do one social activity. - I had lunch with a friend yesterday, and have been trying to plan an activity for some other ladies that live on my street. It will likely get scheduled for May, but I'm trying to branch out!
  11. Find a running club. - Nope. I need to investigate new options, as I've emailed my neighborhood alias & didn't hear back. Not sure what my next step will be.
  12. Finalize tax payment plan. - Done, & mailed. :-( 
  13. Stick to our budget. - Definitely not. We bought season passes to Great America (with a work discount, almost the same price as a regular ticket), & had to enroll the boys in camps for the summer. .. Camp was almost $4K for all of the weeks. Our childcare costs will be next to nothing in the summer, but in the meantime. . . 
  14. Continue exploring next career options. - I haven't spent a ton of time on this, but I think about it often in small doses. It's especially an area that I think about when I'm on walks after work. I think, long-term, I'd like to work part-time. It's not realistic in my current role, but maybe that's something I can work towards. 
  15. Make a list/plan for my trip to the beach over Memorial Day of what I want to accomplish/get rid of. It's a fun girls trip, but I plan to take full advantage of being there to go through our stuff. Minimize the pain when we actually sell. ;-) - No, haven't started. 

Not exactly perfect, but I feel pretty good about my progress so far. And, just for fun, here's a picture of my boys - they are on spring break this week, so they went to Santa Cruz with a camp. Other than the fact that my oldest forgot his shoes on the beach (and, they were brand new!), it was a great experience. It was 82 degrees on the beach yesterday!

And, what about you? What were you hoping to accomplish in April? There's still time to refocus your energy & get some things marked off of your goals!

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  1. Looks pretty good to me! April is a crazy, busy month for me so my goal is to simply stay caught up! lol!!