Saturday, October 24, 2015

A get-things-done kind of day

We have no soccer this weekend, which is unheard of! :-) I'm going to enjoy this weekend to the fullest - no trips to pack for, no flights to catch. . . just time with my boys.

Last night we had our anniversary dinner (with the kids, of course :-)) & it was great. I planned ahead & brought our own wine (they don't charge a corkage fee), which saved quite a bit. It was still a bit of a splurge ($63 for dinner for four), but we kept things in check with the wine from home, plus ordering a few things to share from the appetizer menu. It was delicious -  Greek food - everyone's favorite!

Now I'm working on my to do list for the day. So far, I've been to Target to get a birthday gift for the party Sam is attending tonight. I'm also tackling the mountain of laundry that's sitting out.

I'd like to make muffins, make some homemade pizzas for the freezer, work out, and have some time leftover for reading. Doesn't that sound nice? The weather has cooled off, so it sounds like the perfect day to do some baking.

Nick, who will be home alone with mom & dad tonight (it's usually the opposite - Nick is the king of getting invited to sleepovers), has requested pasta & meatballs for dinner, with popcorn & a movie as his entertainment. We'll pop popcorn at home, and watch a movie we already have.

I also really need to sort out our Thanksgiving plan & menu (I'm on call, so we can't really "go" anywhere), as well as work on our Christmas budget & plan.

I hope you are all having a great weekend! What's one thing you'd like to do today?


  1. I kind of laughed at you having your anniversary dinner with your kids along. That's been our life too (well, since Brett left the navy). We spent our 25th anniversary in San Francisco - sounds romantic until you know that we were sharing our hotel room and meals with two little girls. And, to up the romance, we also decided we wanted to add a third girl to the family that weekend.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, and a productive day!

    1. Oh yes, so romantic! You are a brave soul to make that decision on your anniversary - what a great gift to each other & your other daughters. :-)

      I'm planning to try out the homemade frozen pizza recipe - up next. And, maybe make cookies for Nick's lunch. He's been asking. :-)