Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekly spending roundup (10/19-10/25/15)

I've been a bit irregular in our weekly spending write ups, but I find them very helpful as I evaluate how much we're spending, and on what. :-)

I was gone until Thursday, as context. All of my spending in Beijing is a work expense. As you can see, our expenses generally only happen on weekends. We get free lunches at work, and with our schedules, it's unusual for us to run errands during the week.

  • Monday - No spend day
  • Tuesday - No spend day
  • Wednesday - No spend day
  • Thursday - Fall soccer - $1670 (two kids)
  • Friday:
    • $10 - field trip for Nick
    • -$250 for a summer camp (soccer) that took me about 10 emails to eventually get back. But, better late than never! :-)
    • $63.15 - dinner out for our 10th anniversary!
  • Saturday:
    • $33.99 - Target (household items - face soap, etc)
    • $18.23 - birthday gift at Target
    • $46.84 - new shoes for Nick at Nordstrom Rack
    • $9.20 - oven cleaner and some other product I didn't catch before M put them away - Home Depot
    • $14.82 - produce stand. I got, wheat lavosh bread, radishes, a huge bag of Persian cucumbers, kale, and two papayas (for fruit smoothies). As always, a great deal.
    • $2.50 - orzo, at Lucky
    • $283.79 - wine, at Lucky. It's super rare to find my favorite wine at the grocery store, but when we do, we stock up. This will likely last us for six months or so. I buy very inexpensive wine ($7/bottle) for regular wine consumption. We keep the "fancy" wine for dinners out, special occasions, etc. A big splurge!
    • $155.27 - groceries at Costco
  • Sunday - No spend day

Total spend for the week = $2057.79. We most definitely need to do better next week! We pay the soccer expenses twice/year, so that's a rarity. And the wine *blush*. . . 

How about you? Do you track your weekly spending? 


  1. The cheapest bottle of wine in Canada is about $12, not really cheap. I think we are going to reduce our liquor consumption (only drink at home to keep costs down) to save some money. But you do have to have some treats in this world and liquor is one of them :)

    1. Holy smokes - I didn't realize that wine was so much more in Canada. It's definitely cheaper in California than it was in Washington (the taxes). We have a few rules - alcohol only on weekends or special occasions. And when possible, bring our own to a restaurant (wine). We're not huge drinkers anyway (2 glasses of wine max), but I do like a glass while I cook dinner on the weekends. I find it to be relaxing. :-)