Friday, October 23, 2015

It's Friday - jetlagged, but making progress

I got home from Beijing yesterday, so I'm feeling *very* jetlagged today. I started off my day by driving to the city (3.5 hours, with traffic) for an appointment with the Brazilian consulate, then to the office. I'd not recommend that as my first thing to do after a long trip. ;-)

Beijing was quite an experience, despite only being there for 72 hours. And now comes that catching up (with life & work) part. :-)

I'm so very, very happy it's Friday. I'm going to try & leave a bit early, so I can squeeze in some extra boy time. After that, M & I are going out to dinner with the boys (relatively unusual for us), so we can celebrate our 10th anniversary. Our 10th anniversary happened while I was in Beijing, but better late than never!

We have no soccer this weekend (shocking!), so I need to get things sorted out around the house. Here's what I'd like to (or need to, in some cases) accomplish:

  1. Buy a birthday gift for the party Sam's going to
  2. Sam's sleepover party on Saturday
  3. Go for a 3 mile run (Saturday)
  4. Go for a 5 mile walk (Sunday)
  5. Strength training & yoga (Saturday & Sunday)
  6. Laundry
  7. Catch up on budgeting
  8. Make muffins - the freezer is looking bare!
  9. Make dinners for the week
  10. Plan a menu
  11. Catch up on expense reporting
  12. Go through my work calendar & sort things out
  13. Update the soccer schedule, based on revised practice times
  14. Clean! The house is all cluttered & I need to clean my own areas & ensure the boys take care of their rooms.
In terms of my "40 week" project, here's where things stand. . .

My goal is to have 100K saved, as well as planning to save 45K for taxes, 15K for the 2016 travel fund, and to max out my 401K, before I leave my job. So, I need to have $160K, plus max out my 401K before June. 

Current savings = 103.9K, so 69% of my goal. I was able to add $3,000 to my savings this month, although things will get tight, as we have a bunch of upcoming expenses. Will see if I can leave most of it there. I was also greatly helped by an increase in stock price. My stock trading window opens again next week, which means I can realize some of that gain.

I added in the 401K goal, after I remembered that I used my January bonus last year to max out my 401K. Given that my return to the workforce is unknown at this point, I'd like to take this last chance to beef up my retirement before I quit. I've run the numbers, & I think I can still do all of the above - save $160K, and put $18,000 in my 401K. My retirement is in a very healthy place, but every bit helps!

That's it from my end. I'd like a nap now. :-) I hope all is well, and everyone has a nice, relaxing weekend planned!

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