Monday, April 4, 2016

March budget results - were we under or over?

I break our spending out into two separate categories - yearly expenses (travel, house, car repairs, etc) & monthly expenses. I look at our yearly expenses regularly, and do a quarterly check in soon!

As for our March spending, how did we do? If you eliminate all of the summer camps that I paid for & booked this month, we came with in $25 of our March budget. (We were under by $25). Pretty amazing! I need to start including summer camps in our yearly budget, because it doesn't really make sense to cover it as part of the monthly childcare expense for March. But, that will require rejiggering all of my trackers, so I've noted it for 2017. ;-)

Areas where we were over:

  • Childcare, by $6477. To clarify, we were actually over by around $200 (after minusing out the summer camps), and we had to unexpectedly book a spring break camp. We were supposed to be on vacation at the beach, instead, I have to go to Asia, and needed childcare.
  • Entertainment, by $10. Library fines made up our entire $35 spending in this category. NOT money well spent, but we've come up with some systems to reduce this to zero. 
  • Alcohol, over by $445. Holy smokes! But, in reality, Costco had my absolute favorite "special" wine on sale, so we bought a case. We'll use it for the next year or so. And, M & I have been on zero dates in months, and have been enjoying a nice bottle of wine on weekends while the boys are playing in the yard. As a rough approximation of a date night. ;-) 

And, areas where we were under:

  • Dining out, by $45. Especially exciting as it was Nick's birthday this month and we had an unplanned dinner out last Friday night.
  • Gas, by $102. Just less driving & spending in this area. 
  • Groceries, by $36. !!! Hurrah!!! Hurrah!!! So exciting!
  • Toiletries, by $10. Bought nothing.
  • Utilities, by $304. Winter months are more expensive - we're entering the months where our utilities are substantially reduced. 
And, that's it! Feeling pretty good about March generally. We did book all of our travel for the year, and our summer camps, so plenty of money left our accounts this month, but it was all planned for.

How about you? How did you do on your monthly spending in March?

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  1. Looks like a great month, including the case of wine! I tend to budget things like that as a yearly rather than a monthly budget, because we will stock up on a good sale and buy nothing other months.