Saturday, April 9, 2016

Setting some goals for April!

I'm back from Seoul & Tokyo, and feeling *very* tired today! I've already been to one very rainy soccer game this morning, & I'm secretly thrilled that the other two were rained out. ;-) I made soup for lunch & I'm trying to drum up enough motivation to work out today. Fingers crossed!

In fun news, M & I have our first date night in about 6 months - tonight!! Woohoo! I may be tired this evening, but I'm so excited to have time with M. Alone! :-)


  • Stick to our budget
  • Save $1,500
  • Meet with another local realtor.

  • Have a date night with M
  • Decide if M & I are going on a mini vacation. If so, book.

  • Lose 4 pounds (trying to be realistic, as I'll be on vacation for a few days)
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables 
  • Complete 7 stretching workouts (yoga or pilates)
  • Complete 6 strength workouts
  • Complete 800 minutes of cardio
  • Average 1450 calories/day
  • Run 7 times.

  • Maximum of one late night/week
  • Work from home at least three Fridays this month
  • Have work conversation on what it will take for me to potentially stay. (Need to clear this up in my own mind first).

  • Read four books
  • Color in my adult coloring book
  • Get together with a friend

Let's do this April thing! What's on your goal list for the month?

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  1. My big goal is to not only save all of the hub take home, but also squeeze and extra $360 out of mine. I'm being careful about where money goes this month, and challenging everyone to make do with what is already in the house unless it is really a need. Nine days in and feel pretty good so far.