Saturday, April 30, 2016

A very sunny Saturday

I was in London for six days, and am finally back. I got home from the airport around 7:00 pm last night, and I'm pretty exhausted today. But, the jet lag is much easier between here & London vs Asia. I also managed to work out three times on my trip (plus my travel day), which is a huge win. I did, however, eat way too much chocolate, and had way too much caffeine on my trip. Being exhausted will do that to you. I'm now aware of how much I use food & caffeine to give me energy when I'm jet lagged. No wonder I'm having trouble with my weight!

I kick started today by sleeping in (12 blissful hours of sleep) & going for a run. It really puts me back in a healthy mind frame when I can start off my day with exercise in the sunshine.

I've watched a soccer game (at our neighborhood field - a nice swap from Santa Cruz last weekend), unpacked, done 3 loads of laundry, snuggled little boys, and started down my monumental list of chores.

Still up for today - bike riding with Nick to a sleepover, where I'll leave him (and his bike) & come back for him in the morning. It's a good excuse to get in a bit more exercise, and saves on gas. I also have to go to Rite Aid to get a prescription, and would like to do yoga & hit the library.

In other news, my flight to London was probably one of the easiest ever. I slept (red eye), which is super unusual, and the flight went by very quickly. I should have suspected that my luck wouldn't hold on the way home. I was in a row with an infant, and a bassinet. The bassinet takes up a ton of space for everyone in the row. The entertainment unit wasn't working, the wifi was down, you name it, it happened. It was a crazy and very *long* flight. The baby didn't stop crying for the entire flight, my noise cancelling head set ran out of batteries. . . ;-) It was rough. But, today is another day & no more traveling for five glorious weeks. Woohoo!!

For a menu this week, I'm scrambling a bit, but here goes:

Saturday - shrimp & pasta with pesto
Sunday - homemade burgers & salad
Monday - spaghetti & meatballs
Tuesday - leftover burgers
Wednesday - leftover spaghetti
Thursday - tacos with guacamole
Friday - Risotto (haven't decided on type yet - will be dependent on fridge scraps)

And, that will do. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, and that the sun is shining (even briefly), wherever you are!


  1. Why are home flights always the worst leg? Enjoy your 5 travel free weeks. I see your need for caffeine and sweets.

    1. Oh, they are absolutely the worst! You are ready to get home & they just drag on.

  2. I have the problem with caffiene and sweets just to keep up with the daily grind and I don't even travel for work. LOL

    1. I've (mostly) broken that habit, but when I travel, all bets appear to be off. ;-)