Friday, April 1, 2016

March goals recap - how did I do?

Every month I set challenging goals for myself (some months, more challenging that others ;-)), and then measure my progress against the goals. March was a rough month! A sea of red out there. ;-) Well, more opportunities and challenges to tackle in April, I suppose.


  • Stick to our budget
  • Pay our taxes. Awaiting final total from the accountant. - We know how much we owe, but were waiting for a last form & the final review with the accountant. 
  • Save $1,500 - Definitely not this month. We booked all of our travel, summer camps, etc. 
  • Explore nearby communities (at least two) as we continue to think about buying a house. - We did this for one community, but got too busy to do the second. It will move to our April goals.
  • Meet with a realtor. - We did this.
  • Update my 40 week plan. (A full post is needed here). - I've done some initial thinking on this, but we need to sort out our housing plan (which is a long process) before we reset goals. 
  • Deal with boys 529s. I've received the refund/cash out & have limited time to move to a new plan without tax penalty. - yes, done!!! All of the money was moved over to the new investment account.

  • Have a date night with M - No. Our sitter is never available these days. But, I found & interviewed a new sitter & have her booked for an evening in April. Progress!
  • Lock down the dates for the rest of the year (vacations, time off, etc). This includes our family Hawaii trip, and a potential long weekend with M. - We are done, minus the potential for a long weekend in October. Hawaii is booked!
  • Book rental car for April trip. - Ended up booking & then canceling, as I changed the dates & can now ride with my sister.
  • Book all summer camps. - Yes!
  • Book summer flights. - Yes!

  • Lose 4 pounds (trying to be realistic, as I'll be on vacation for a few days) - I lost .1 of a pound, so huge progress. ;-) 
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits & vegetables per day. - My average for March was 3.5/day. Not awesome, but trending in the right direction. I definitely eat better when I make this happen, and am fuller & eat less overall. Just need to be consistent. 
  • Complete 7 stretching workouts (yoga or pilates) - well, the good news is that I did one stretching workout, which was an improvement over my zero in February. But, still.
  • Complete 6 strength workouts - Yes! 7 strength workouts.
  • Complete 800 minutes of cardio - I completed 635 in March. 
  • Average 1450 calories/day - I was at 1530/day. So, not crazy high, but combined with not enough workouts. . . Also, it's pretty clear that my goal will need to drop now that I'm the big 40. ;-) 
  • Run 5 times. Start working on 5K build up -  including kicking off Couch to 5K. - Yes, five times exactly. It's painful to start over, but worth it!

  • Maximum of one late night/week - Yes. 
  • Work from home at least three Fridays this month - Not even once. Had a great February, but my team was in town in March, performance reviews, and some other challenges to deal with.
  • Have work conversation on what it will take for me to potentially stay. (Need to clear this up in my own mind first). - No, and my goal should have been to clear on my own on this topic, before I have an actual conversation.

  • Read four books - Oh, yes. I probably read 6. 
  • Color in my adult coloring book - Nope.
  • Get together with a friend - Nope.

And, that's it for me. I hope you had a much more successful March than I did. ;-) Share your progress!


  1. I just wanted to say that reading your posts is really inspiring me to tackle some things I've been putting off. I feel like I get a lot of pep talk from these posts with your can-do attitude to make better decisions overall.

    1. This was so great to hear! I really appreciate it, because sometimes it feels hard to inspire myself, let alone anyone else. Good luck with your goals! Can't wait to read about them. :-)