Friday, June 15, 2018

Frugal Friday

I started off the week with a mild case of the flu, but I'm back in action & ready to go. Which, is great news, considering we're flying to Portland this weekend!

Here's what we accomplished this week, in the world of frugality

  • Made all meals at home. Wasn't feeling well on Sunday, but rallied enough to throw a few things in the crockpot. The boys ate while I slept. 
  • Saved $56 on two flights by using Alaska's price matching
  • Made two extra (small) payments on our vacation house mortgage. In 2018, I started tracking "unexpected/unplanned for" money. This includes things like rebates, gifts, side hustles, etc. All of that money goes straight towards one of our unfunded 2018 goals - primarily extra pay down on our vacation mortgage, and the boys college accounts. It's really motivating to see the money roll in. So far, I'm around $6000 in "found" money for the year! 
  • I will pack dinner for myself for the airport today. The kids always like getting a slice of pizza for the flight, so they'll eat pizza. 
That's it for us. It was a pretty typical week. What about you? Any big (or small) frugal wins? 


  1. Glad you are feeling better for your trip to Portland. Holy cow you are doing so well on your side hustle money. It really feels good to do something with it that counts! Anyone who doesn't use rebate programs these days are crazy. I use both and swagbucks as find sometimes there are companies I have to book (travel companies for hubby's business travel) or stores that aren't part of ebates, then I just get amazon GCs thru swagbucks. It's amazing when you add it all up, isn't it?

  2. My frugal wins (sorry but forgot to add them in): Ate out on Tuesday (not a win but it gets better) at Costco after hubby had eye exam and ordered glasses which were 1/3 of the cost of the last set of glasses. His eye exam was supposed to be $110 but ended up being $90 as $20 ended up being paid by our medical as he has developed a stigmatism. Not great health wise but - if he ever has surgery for it now his eye surgery will be covered by medical and he may never need glasses again! Complicated, I know but something to think about in the future. We ate at costco because it took 1.5 hrs and spent only $11 of the $20 so were ahead of the game!

    We did not eat out the rest of the week and as hubby leaves on a business trip on Sunday I only have to figure out 2 more suppers until he goes. When he is gone I mostly snack, don't cook much lol

  3. Well done! We’re in the process of setting up a pool and getting all the “bits & pieces* including new bathing suits for everyone, so ‘frugal’ does not exist lately. *sigh* I am quite proud that I actually made a menu plan for the week and shopped accordingly for it!! That’s a good thing and I must stick to it!!