Sunday, June 3, 2018

Struggling through jet lag

I went to sleep early last night (8 pm), but was up from 11-2. I finally fell back asleep for a few hours, but it was a very unrestful night. Here's hoping I get back on track quickly this week.

I spent most of yesterday outside (final soccer game, end of the season soccer party, & then hanging out by the pool with my boys). Sunshine is supposed to help with the jet lag, so fingers crossed on that front.

I managed to do most of the errands yesterday, so now I'm left with chores for today. So much to do, as usual. Particularly because I missed all of last weekend. Here's what I need to accomplish today:

  1. Get Nick ready for pick up at 10 am. He's going to a water park with a friend, & I need to help him get everything packed & ready to go.
  2. Brown the rest of the ground beef I defrosted yesterday, and make it into taco meat.
  3. Help Sam with his final phase of homework/print outs for school.
  4. Laundry
  5. Wash all of the sheets/make the beds
  6. Clean the bathrooms
  7. Clean the kitchen
  8. Vacuum the house
  9. Clean the shower, which I'll call out as a separate project, as it's a bit of a disaster. Our bathroom has no fan (?!), so the air doesn't circulate & it can get icky quickly.
  10. Update my work schedule for the week, because it's the last week of school & I have a bunch of schedule changes
  11. Coordinate schedule with our nanny
  12. Get a workout schedule together for the week
  13. Have the boys call my parents
  14. Work out. Preferably 2x, but that may be wishful thinking.
  15. Make guacamole
  16. Prep dinner for tonight.
Fingers crossed that I can get it together & get everything done today! What about you? What's on your agenda for the day?

1 comment:

  1. Since Hubs can't drive b/c of his surgery last week I need to go out to pick up a newspaper but that's it for errands today.
    Chores? Figure out a menu for the week, make dinner, work on the blog and vacuum mostly.
    Good luck getting yours done today....