Friday, October 11, 2019

Frugal Friday

It was a tiring week, with the jet lag. But, there were a few frugal wins along the way. Here's what we've been up to this week.

Saving on things we buy

  • I bought $300 of Uber credit at our local grocery store, earning $60 in store credits. I use Uber for mostly work trips to the airport (each trip is around $50/per segment) & get reimbursed for work.
  • Emailed the grocery store (above) because $30 of the credits didn't correctly apply. Got that fixed & applied back to my card. Honestly, you have to be so on top of these things. I did provide feedback that a 50% success rate on the promotion wasn't exactly inspiring, and they apologized. Hopefully they'll fix whatever is broken for future promos.

Earning money

  • Sold an item on eBay
  • Completed another task in my consumer focus group. I can cash out every $15. I have earned a total of $45 (cashed out) & another $3 towards the next cash out.

Avoiding purchasing/spending

  • We got home from soccer at 8 pm on Saturday night & were very tempted to stop at In & Out. Luckily, I'd done all of the dinner prep ahead, so we came home & quickly got food on the table for everyone 
  • Nick & I walked to the produce stand to get groceries vs driving, saving on wear & tear on the car or gas purchase
  • Ate all planned meals at home, no dining out. 
In frugal fails, I did have to toss some pizza of unknown origin from the fridge, as my husband tends to forget to use all of the leftovers when I'm traveling. I hate food waste, but I'm sure we'll all survive just fine.

What about you? What frugal wins did you have this week? 


  1. Good work all week! I love the Uber deal!

    1. It works out great, because one business trip is often over $100 in Uber charges. I know I can use it up, and score a few deals on the side.

  2. I wish we had UBER (some places in Canada do but none in BC as it isn't yet legal for ride sharing here). Yes, you do have to be on top of the deals. I bought a GC a few months ago, went to use it and it didn't work. Got a replacement but it took 4 weeks. Not sure I will do that again for a few points. I hate food waste but it is almost impossible unless you are single. The second there is more than 1 person in the house it is very difficult to prevent.

  3. The Uber deal is great! But what a shame you had to force their hand to get what you were supposed to. I hate food waste too but I tossed a carton of mushrooms that had gotten pushed to the back of the fridge.