Monday, September 7, 2020

It's a coconut kind of day

 We dropped off Nick's homemade brownies at a friend's house yesterday, and she happened to be receiving a produce delivery at the time. She insisted on giving us four fresh coconuts. I had no idea what to do with them, or how to use them, so set about figuring that out today. Whew! 

It was no small amount of work, but we now have coconut water & coconut milk. I didn't have a good sieve/milk bag for the coconut milk, so didn't end up with any pulp. But, what a fun (and tiring adventure) & new skill to learn. I used both a mallet & a screwdriver for the first time in the kitchen. ;-)

The boys will happily drink coconut water after their runs, and I'll use the coconut milk in a curry recipe. I kept one (the size of a standard coconut milk can) in the fridge & froze two extras for another time. 

Other than the coconut project, I did manage a HIIT workout (inside, still super hot), made zucchini muffins using two zucchinis from the produce drawer + the zucchini I froze from our ONE lonely garden zucchini). I worked in the yard & swept a bit, but it's too hot to do much else. 

Otherwise, I plan to read my book & relax with M today. Should be nice. I'm in for a wild & crazy work week ahead, so best enjoy while I can.

I think M is grilling steak & corn tonight, which sounds delish. Nick keeps threatening to make homemade ice cream. I really need it to cool off, so I can get back to running. With all of this delicious eating, I'm going to have tight pants soon.

Hope you are all having a lovely day!


  1. How neat for your friend to give you 4 coconuts. Our librarian at the elementary school has a pet coconut that the children enjoy. LOL

  2. I did a bit of baking, and a few hours of work, and have been laying around the sofa trying to stay cool for a while. Too soon it'll be time to consider dinner and I'm quickly running out of cold foods and require no prep ideas. I keep landing on ice cream. JB would root for this option if I let it loose so I won't say anything at all but here's hoping we get some good ideas soon 🙂

  3. When I was a child, we got a coconut for Christmas and she used a screwdriver and a hammer to get it open. Then, she grated the meat for a coconut cake. Well, it was a white cake with 7-minute frosting with lots of grated coconut on it. Yum! We got to eat lots of chunks of coconut. What did you do with the coconut meat?

  4. I love the adventure of coconuts. I can imagine how delicious a curry would be with fresh coconut milk. I'm glad you read for pleasure.