Saturday, September 12, 2020

I'm usually a very positive person

 But, I'll be honest...this week was really, really hard for me. We are on day 27 of the low air quality (or, 28?) Getting outside & being active is such an important of my well being, particularly during COVID. I've been getting creative and watching for drops in the AQI, and have gotten outside when I can. My throat bothers me, and my nose has been running almost constantly. I have two very high energy teen boys, trapped inside, with no physical outlets.

I'll get back to my regular schedule, but I also think it's important to call out when things are a struggle. And oh my, were they ever this week. 

Last night I ordered a pizza, we played rummy & I drank a glass of wine after work. It was just what I needed to get out of my own head, and enjoy a bit of a wind down after work. 

As for today, I need to double down on my own efforts to stay well right now, and remind myself of all the positives in my life. Staying busy always helps! 

Here's what's on my list:

  1. Menu plan
  2. Go to the store
  3. Maybe go to Trader Joes, depending on the line
  4. Make something with the coconut milk in the fridge
  5. Go through the one closet I haven't cleaned out yet
  6. Journal (I write three things I'm grateful for every day)
  7. Posture challenge
  8. List an item on Ebay
  9. Do an indoor HIIT workout
  10. Go for a walk? Weather dependent, should the AQI improve
  11. Think of something kind I can do for someone in my life
  12. Read some sort of fun/immersive book
And with that, I'll tackle the menu plan:

Friday - takeout pizza. Such an indulgence, and so yummy
Saturday - tacos & pico de gallo, maybe guacamole with homemade tortilla chips
Sunday - I'll try a new chicken curry recipe
Monday - taco salads
Tuesday - burgers (from the freezer)
Wednesday - leftover chicken curry & rice
Thursday -  pasta & meatballs
Friday - TBD

What are you making for dinner this week? 


  1. I am in my own head more than I can recall ever in my lifetime. It has been awful, and I am adding small 'doses' of meditation throughout the day to try and get past it. I'm also trying hard to focus on how many good things there still are in life even in the midst of all that is 2020, but it's often harder than it should be. We even had a realtor over to assess the house in my efforts to, maybe, just chuck it all and take off for parts unknown. Sigh. My poor home-loving husband did his best to be supportive ti. i got past it. 😆

    At least we're eating well! This week on the menu is Greek salad, a BLT salad, a TexMex chicken casserole, pollo asada, and heavy-on-the-vegs pasta marinara.

  2. We are "do your best" people and agreed last night that this was one of the toughest weeks ever. It feels each time like with each new thing we say, ok this is hard and we are handling it, and then there's another curve ball thrown. And then another. And then another. It's so incredibly tough to keep bouncing back or picking up again and carrying on, especially if we don't acknowledge how tough it is.

    I am planning to tackle two catfish recipes this weekend to eat and freeze ahead: catfish stew and clay pot catfish! Also if I can, I'd like to make ahead a couple big trays of enchiladas as well. It would have been helpful to have these made ahead meals on hand this week. I ended up needed comfort food so we had pizza last night.

  3. With the air pollution being so bad, being positive has got to be hard.

  4. I know what I feel like so many days, and we can get outside here as much as needed. Please do what you need to do and know it's OK to vent and take care of your own needs.

  5. You do know it is ok to have a day when you just aren't feeling it. I am so sorry that y'all are going through the wildfires and smoke. My son lives in Oregon and they left for Idaho for the weekend just to get away from the dense smoke

  6. The fires are so bad where you are and we have some smoke here also. But I remember years where we could not go outside to exercise.Hang in there, a glass of wine is just what you need.

  7. Is marijuana legal there? Have you ever thought about using it? It can do wonders for mental health. I know this seems to be a bit of a taboo subject on blogs. It is an easy way to completely get out of your head.

  8. I'm sorry you had such a bad day. It's hard to stay in all the time and having two boys cooped up does not help. I hope things start to look up for you.