Friday, December 1, 2023

Frugal Friday

 I've been in Japan for most of the week, so this isn't the standard list, but a random array of frugal things we've done lately. 

Saving on things we buy

  • I used CVS rewards to pick up a few small gifts for the teens, as well as some snacks & mouthwash. I spent $30 & earned another $8 back. 
  • Used my Amex gift card to buy baking items we needed for Christmas. I also redeemed some iBotta offers, saving another $5 or so. 
Earning money:
  • Listed a bunch of stuff on eBay
  • Finally received $1,000 from my bank for a savings offer I completed. Now that's done, I will transfer my savings back to a higher yield account. 
  • Earned a small bonus at work for a project I've been delivering this year. 
Avoiding spending:
  • I used hotel points to book a two night stay for myself & M (our holiday gift to each other), when we fly to Portland. We stay for a couple of nights while the teens enjoy my parents, and then we all meet up on Christmas Eve. I saved around $500 vs paying out of pocket for the two nights. 
  • I've been grinding my teeth at night, which is causing near constant headaches during the day. I remembered I have a very old (20+ years) Invisalign retainer, and using that has reduced my headaches tremendously. I was going to buy a retainer to prevent grinding from the dentist, so this was a huge win. 
  • M & I went on a date, & used our Amex gift card to cover the full cost. I will miss this when it's used up!
  • Used Rite Aid rewards to pick up a couple of pizzas for a teen lunch. 

What about you? Any wins to share?


  1. I cashed in some MyPoints and Fetch points to get two gift cards for Christmas presents. That's about all I've got! Haha! Hope everything is going well in Japan. I know you will be glad to get home.

    1. Any Christmas gift savings is always a win! And yes, ever so grateful to be back.