Tuesday, December 19, 2023

2023 - a year in review

 Not particularly financially focused. It's been a wild ride this year! 

  • There were six international trips. Four work trips (3 Tokyo, 1 London), two personal trips (France for my sister's 50th, and our trip to Dubai to see M's family). 
  • On the subject of travel, there was also a lot of domestic travel. M & I went to Hawaii & Las Vegas, we went skiing a few times (Tahoe), we visited my parents 3x, attended a family wedding in Eastern Washington, went on a college tour in Colorado, and we are heading back to spend a few days over the holidays in Portland. 
  • Nick got his driver's license. Our time spent chauffeuring people to errands, practice, work, volunteering, friends, parties, etc is basically zero at this point. What a game changer.
  • Sam finished the college application process, and has gotten into multiple schools. We're now in a waiting game to hear from the rest, and see where we land with overall preference, majors, location, & cost. 
  • I finished the Hood to Coast relay, as per my 2023 goals, and that was an adventure, particularly given that I (unknowingly) had COVID!
  • I gave notice at work, found out that my role would be substantially changed (for the better), & opted to stay. Of course, my role is changing again (drastically), but I won't have details for at least a few months. It's possible that this second round of changes could result in a layoff or an undesirable role. More to come, always, on this front. 
  • M took my nephew to Las Vegas for his 21st birthday, joined by my dad, uncle & my sister's party. All attendees report that it was an epic time. 
  • M & I had the most fabulous & restful trip to Hawaii. As always, the time together is priceless. 
  • Lake Tahoe got a ton of snow last year, and we spent New Years shoveling snow & skiing. So much snow shoveling!
  • The girls trip to France was a huge highlight. We explored Paris & the south of France together, explored vineyards & just generally had a ton of laughs. 
  • Dubai was such a great experience, to get time with M's family & I'm so happy we made it happen. Sometimes the cost is just worth it, and this is the case. M's mom getting to see the boys for the first time in 12 years, me getting to meet M's sister & niece for the first time ever... no regrets!
  • Nick made the varsity soccer team & JV tennis team, and has been playing & enjoying the experience. 
  • Sam wrapped up his soccer experience, after 12 years of playing on various clubs. He's thinking of playing intramural soccer in college, so we'll see what comes next. 
  • Both boys had summer jobs and were gainfully employed at a sports camp. They loved it and enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of spending money. 
It was an absolute whirlwind of a year, and I'm grateful for the health of my parents & family, that we got time to see M's family, that the boys are doing well, and we continue to stay happily married. That's more than enough! We feel very lucky for this adventure, and are doing what we can to soak in our time together with the boys. 

What about you? How was 2023 in your world? 


  1. You had a great year. My best wishes for 2024 to be equally good or better.

  2. Now that sounds like a very busy year.

    God bless.

  3. Y'all have certainly had an amazing year! It blows my mind how much you travel for work, but you get to go to some amazing places! I don't know how I missed that you have decided to stay on at work. I hope everything shakes out good on that front. All in all, so much to be thankful for!

    1. Work travel is a blessing & a curse. My team is very international, so it's always very useful from a work perspective, but the jet lag is harder as I get older.

      Work has been through some pretty significant changes over the past few months (after 10 years of a lot of stability), so I"m trying not to worry & just focus on the day to day.

  4. M’s mom getting to see the boys was priceless! As far as my goals, work wise,
    did two jury murder trials and settled numerous hard cases, so I call the year all right on that front. On the personal front, family members are still alive at the moment, and that is a huge sigh of relief since very close relative has a serious cancer/radiation this past year, and another close family member with serious mental Issues has managed to stay out of the hospital this year. I am just grateful. I was ok with my walks regarding exercise and ok with my three “s” goals,, soup, salad, and sandwiches with vegetables in all. Now my decluttering goals were… uhm… shall we just say those goals shall be continued until next year… lolz. Cindy in the South

    1. M's mom getting to see the boys was the highlight of my year, for sure. Sounds like work continues to be super intense for you. Very happy to hear that your family members are all still with us. Nice work with the three s goals! I need to get back to my No S dieting plan. It was so easy once I was in the groove. I've got some 2024 decluttering goals as well, so we can cheer each other along!