Monday, December 18, 2023

Menu Plan Monday

It's a very, very rainy Monday here! We need the rain, so I will embrace it. :-) Here's what's on our menu plan this week.  

  • Friday - this was originally planned to be an at home date night, as neither teen was going to be home. Everyone ended up being home at some point, and people rotated through the table. We had wings & salad.
  • Saturday - M & I went to a friend's holiday party. The boys had taquitos (Sam) & Nick went to Chipotle. 
  • Sunday - M grilled chicken (in the rain) & made rice. 
  • Monday - tacos
  • Tuesday - leftover grilled chicken & rice
  • Wednesday - leftover tacos
  • Thursday - any remaining leftovers, or chicken pesto pasta (freezer)
  • Friday - we are flying to Portland, and the boys will be with my parents. M & I have reservations at a steak house near the hotel. 
What about you? What's on your menu this week?

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