Sunday, December 10, 2023

Sunday Things

 I didn't end up going to my workout class again yesterday, and slept until 8 this morning! I hope I'm on the road to recovery. We ended up having a lovely dinner with the boys, and followed our December tradition of randomly opening one gift, and having a glass of sparkling cider while listening to Christmas music. The boys opened their gifts from each other & we had some laughs. You really have to embrace this time together, as your kids get older! Nick got Sam cologne (a top choice for teen boys) & Sam gave Nick a limited edition Maclaren shirt I found while I was in Japan. Everyone was pleased. Nick is very, very picky, so seeing him wearing the shirt today confirmed that it was a good score. ;-) 

I went on a 2 mile (slow) run today, dusted off my training plan for the rest of my half training, and freaked out a little, as I'm so far behind. Since September, I've had: two trips to Tokyo, a trip to London, trip to France, and Hawaii. Lots of fun vacation time, and three international work trips, totaling more than three weeks of work travel. Jet lag is not my friend & doesn't exactly pave the way for consistent running, so I must get back into the swing of things. 

I also made my cardamom bread for Christmas today. I'll glaze it and then put it into the freezer until we leave. I made a bonus loaf, as we won't get to see my nephews this year due to spending the holidays in Arizona with their dad. We are all really bummed to miss them. We are going to see my older nephew, when we head to Arizona in January for a college tour, so grateful we will catch one of them!

I cleaned the house today, which was in pretty dire shape after my trip. It's not perfect, but it's looking a lot better for sure!

Nick had calculus tutoring, tennis volunteering & Sam met up with friends. I'm off to do an easy dinner. We were originally going to meet up with friends for pizza & a Christmas lights bike tour in a cool neighborhood near us, but neither M nor I are feeling good, so we want to recover a bit more. Easy dinner will likely be orzo (freezer) + coconut shrimp. Nick is not a fan of shrimp in any form, so I'll make chicken for him.

Hope you all had a lovely & productive day!


  1. I sure hope you feel better soon. You have definitely had a whirlwind schedule this fall! Maybe some holiday downtime will help you feel more rested and ready for the new year. Your tradition of opening one gift early sounds fun!