Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2011 Goals

I realize that it's October, and I'm putting up my 2011 goals, but I want to have them easily trackable. And, even though my blog is new, I've been working on these goals all year, so I should be held accountable. :-)

Here they are, in no particular order, along with the current status.

  1. Pay off my 401K loan. - Done. Due to a windfall from M's work, I was able to pay this off even earlier than I expected.
  2. Fund both kids college accounts to 40%. - Mostly there. I am at 40% for S's account, and 37% for N's account. I have the money to get N's account up to 40%, but I'm waiting for a refi on our second property to close, in case I need to bring money to the table to wrap it up.
  3. Run a 5K - Yes! I was actually a week away from completing a 1/2 marathon when I broke my ankle in May. :-( I fell in love with running & can't wait to get back into it!
  4. Learn to bake bread - Epic fail. I did make corn bread recently? ;-)
  5. Complete 4500 minutes of cardio workouts. - Huge success! I'm currently at 7198, and that includes taking time off for my broken foot. I crushed this goal.
  6. Lose baby weight. - Well, I achieved this back in July, but I've regained 3.2 lbs. I need to focus on this one, so I can end the year with a success on this goal.
  7. No shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry, or makeup. - I made it for three months, but that's it. To be fair, I've done really well with conscious consumption this year, and replaced a few essentials (I had to buy several pair of flats due to my injury, as I'm normally an exclusive heel wearer at work.)
  8. Get together with two friends per month. - I stopped tracking this at some point, but for the most part, I think I've done this.
  9. Create a list of our favorite 25 recipes, to make meal planning easier. - I created the list, and we're now in the process of testing the old favorite recipes & making sure that they are: easy, kid friendly, and relatively frugal. So far, I have 10 recipes that meet this criteria.
  10. Track spending all year. -  Eh, I wasn't very good at this. However, I've tracked all of August, September, and I'm currently on October. Honestly, I've learned a ton about our spending by doing this and wish I would have done it all year.
How are you doing on your 2011 goals?


  1. These are such great goals! :) Baking bread is easy.. you just need the right recipe! I bake about 10 loaves a week... practice makes perfect! ;)

  2. Hi
    "Fell in love with running" Tell me how!!!! I've tried but there aint no love. Would love to run a 10k with hubby one day. As for bread making. It always seems like such a grown-up thing to do doesn't it? Good Luck