Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A-Z About Me

I've seen these fun lists all over the blog world, so a little more about me. :-)

A-Age 35
B-Bed Size - King
C-Chore you hate - Picking up toys. Constantly.
D-Dogs - No, I'm a country girl & can't get behind the "inside dog" thing. We don't have space for an outdoor dog (or the lifestyle for it), so we don't have one.
E-Essential start to your day - Coffee at home. Green tea when I get to work.
F-Favorite Color- For clothes, black. I also love pale blue.
G-Gold or Silver - Silver
H-Height - 5"5'
I- Interests - Travel, Cooking, Running
J-Job Title - Program Manager
K-Kids - Two - ages 5 & 4.
L-Live - Near Seattle, Washington.
M-Mothers Name - Mom :-)
N-Nickname - Just a shortened version of my name
O-Overnight hospital stays - Kids, and a handful of minor surgeries
P-Pet Peeves - Loud cell phone talkers. In public. Cringe.
Q-Quotes from films - Anything from "Hangover". I have a crass sense of humor.
R-Right or Left Handed - Right
S-Siblings - One sister
T-Time you wake up - Between 5 & 6am
U-Underwear - Thong. *blush*
V-Vegetables you hate - PEAS. Cannot stand the smell or texture.
W-What makes you run late - I'm an early bird, so rarely late. Traffic on occasion.
X-X-Rays you've had - Broke my ankle recently.
Y-Yummy food that you make - Goat cheese crostini or granola bars
Z-Zoo animals - I'm not big on zoos.


  1. I loved the hangover movies too!

  2. We have a lot in common... My moms name is mom too!! ;) lol! Seriously though, hate peas too, gag! Loud cell phone talkers are the worst... once on a bus before ths woman was talking to her rehab person or something!! She talked about what drugs she used to do, her parents finances, etc... I couldn't believe it! lol!