Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekly To Dos

Hope everyone had a fabulous & relaxing weekend. I'm still dreaming of my hot stone massage and leisurely dinner. M & I actually had uninterruped conversation - such an unexpected treat when you have small kids at home. :-)

I have a lot going on this week, and want to track my progress. Here's what's on my list!

  1. Work out 5x this week.
  2. Blog 5x this week.
  3. Take the boys to visit my grandmothers over the weekend. My grandfather recently died, so my grandmother is struggling a bit, understandably. Both of my grandmothers are reaching the stage where we need to be making time for more frequent visits. I'm planning to take the boys to visit on Saturday & letting the boys dress up in their Halloween costumes for the grandmothers. :-) We'll also visit with my parents, sisters, and nephews, so it should be a fun day.
  4. Prepare for Halloween. I still need candy, I need to get the costumes laid out for the boys, and I'm in charge of treats for both school parties, so I need to buy the supplies and get cracking.
  5. Bring my lunch every day this week. Spending was out of control last week, so I need to rein it in.
  6. Decide on plans/destination for our week off in February. We want to take our nephews skiing, and we're tossing around locations. I need to get that wrapped up.
  7. List a bunch of stuff on Craig's List.

What's on your list for this week?

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