Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spendy week

I knew this week was coming, but I'm still shivering at all of the expenses happening within such a short time period. . .

This weekend was our anniversary, so we enjoyed a mini-getaway and an overnight stay at a lodge near our house while my parents watched the kids. It was fabulous to have an evening away and we made the most of our time - shopping, lunch out, massages, and a great dinner. The good news is that we finished our evening at a casino & ended up winning $700, which was the cost of the lodge/dinner/massage/breakfast at the hotel. Such luck. :-) And, I have M to thank - he plays craps, and has far better luck than I ever seem to have.

I did manage to eke out three No Spend Days, but even that wasn't enough to offset the spending.

Here goes:
  • Monday
    • $1.16 spent on a protein smoothie at the gym after my workout. Yum.
  • Tuesday
    • No spend day
  • Wednesday
    • $25 gift card for a friend going through chemotherapy.
    • $17.29 for groceries
    • $49.62 for gas
    • $459.78 for a hotel stay in December. My sister and I are going with our four kids, so I'll be getting reimbursed for 1/2. We go three times/year to celebrate kids birthdays. It's at a waterpark, and everyone has an amazing time, but it's spendy! This comes out of our vacation budget, so not a regular budget line item.
  • Thursday
    • $473 for soccer lessons for the kids. This is for 3+ months for two kids, and of course, this time I had to pay the yearly "membership" fee at the club. Yikes.
    • $119 for a hotel stay in November. This is a birthday gift for my mom. My sister & I are having a girls weekend with her.
    • $66.65 for a pedicure. M & I are going away for our anniversary (just an overnight) on Saturday, and I have to have cute toes! I've tried the cheaper salons & always get ingrown toenails, so I'd rather go less frequently and get it done right.
    • $96.65 at the liquor store. We were out of a few things, but shouldn't need to go back for a few months.
    • $61.26 - Costco for produce, eggs, milk and a few snacks to have on hand while my parents are in town for the weekend.
  • Friday
    • No spend day.
  • Saturday
    • $167.21 on shopping at the outlets on our anniversary trip. This was all stuff for the kids, including a new jacket for one child, 4 pairs of pajamas, a fleece, 2 pair of shorts for $1 for my nephews, and 12 shirts. Most of these are for the next size up and will be stored.
    • $45 on lunch out. I think. Lost my receipt.
    • $689.59 on our anniversary getaway/overnight. This includes: two hot stone massages, drinks & an appetizer, dinner + a bottle of wine, breakfast, and the room itself.
    • +$700 in the casino
  • Sunday
    • No spend day.
Total spent for the week (not including standard bills - I only include variable expenses in my write up. Not sure if that's the best way to look at it, but anyway. .. )

GRAND TOTAL SPENT: $1571.21. Hold me.

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