Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas lists - a kid's take

We've been asking our kids to think about what they want for Christmas, & my youngest (N) made a list a few days ago. He's five, as perspective.

He divided his list into categories, & drew pictures!

-Lego train set

-Sleeveless tank tops
-Basketball shorts (he's the hottest person I've ever met, & sweats constantly, so he loves wearing this stuff)

-Lacrosse (I'm assuming he wants the "stick", or whatever it's called. Our neighbor plays.)
-A soccer net
-The game Sorry
-Beads (for making crafts)

-A desk (for doing homework)
-A garbage can for his room
-A giant chair

M & I were dying when he showed us the list. S, who is 6, had just one lonely item on his list. . . Legos. :-) Obviously, N thinks big. And no, he won't be getting anywhere near that much.

I love looking at the holidays from their perspective.

And, for a little look back, here are some outtakes from my failed adventure of getting Christmas card pictures one night, 5ish years ago. Good times. ;-)

Any fun gift requests from your kids? 


  1. That's too sweet. I find it specially funny that he's asking for a garbage can. Now, that's something he'll get use out of! Not "my" kids, but the kids I am providing from at Adopt-A-Bear, one of "my" girls wants a hair appointment. I just think that's about the cutest thing. We also saw a tag for a boy, 13, who wanted "nothing". We all aaaawwe'd.

  2. I love this age at Christmas! Kids before they get that whole self-conscious thing going on at 7 or 8 are so fun.

    And the last photo of the baby wailing with the bows is priceless!! You need to use that for your Christmas cards....

  3. I have all the kids lists from over the years. And they really are funny now when I look back. The one that still makes me laugh is when my daughter want a fall down baby..I swear we went to every store until my mom figured out she wanted a doll that was out at the time that was called rosie..and when you held her hands she sang ring around the rosie.

    I would so us the bow one....

  4. Hilarious! Lol at the BIG chair!

  5. Too cute! Make sure you keep the least. Last year my dad showed me my Christmas list from first grade and it was so strange to take at look at how my mind used to work. I'll have to see if I can dig it out again this year!

  6. They are adorable! So cute! I love that he wanted so much. Legos are great toys. My kid loves tank tops and I find it so annoying. She wanted to wear one this week and I let her but with a sweatshirt over the top. I picked her up from daycare and she was only wearing that tank top without the sweatshirt. Grrr!

  7. When my 16 year old was small he used to get so excited all he could think of to ask for was "a suprise" - Christmas was so much easier back then!