Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wrapping up October

My thoughts & prayers are with everyone impacted by Sandy. Seeing the magnitude of damage is absolutely horrifying.

I can't believe October is wrapped up. Wow, this month flew by. I wasn't expecting to work record breaking hours, so I wasn't nearly as productive on some of this as I'd hoped, but I did manage to accomplish a few things. Here's how I did.

  1. Lose 3 lbs. I'm currently at 144.8, so I'd like to close down the month at 141.8 - Fail. I ended the month at 145.
  2. Continue to track all of my eating in My Fitness Pal. - Yes! I managed. Some days weren't pretty, but I did it anyway. :-)
  3. Avoid snacks at work. One of my coworkers has about 20-25 bowls of candy, nuts, bars, & treats out every day. I realized I was spending a ton of my calories on those candies, & I've decided to avoid the work snacks until January. I'm hoping that helps me break the habit entirely. - Did this every day except for yesterday (Halloween). Mostly a victory?
  4. Complete 1000 minutes of cardio, 6 strength, & 6 stretching (pilates or yoga) workouts. - Well, I completed 771 minutes of cardio, 7 strength, & 0 stretching workouts. This was definitely a goal impacted by all of my late nights.
  5. Save $1500 for Christmas. - Done!
  6. Stick to our monthly budget for October. - Shockingly, I was within $5 of my original estimates. WOW! We were over in some categories & under in others, but I consider this a huge win, & major progress for us.
  7. Continue my job search, & send my resume out to 3 positions, and do at least 3 informationals. - Well, I'll consider this one done. I start my new role next week!
  8. Have one date night with M. - Done! We went out to dinner for our anniversary.
  9. Clean my closet + our coat closet. - Nope.
  10. Research the Portland/Vancouver real estate market. - Nope.
  11. Meal plan every week in October. - Yes!
  12. Plan our holiday/vacation plans & ensure that we have child care when school is out. - Yes, I have a plan for the holidays & child care coverage when school is closed.
I'm still thinking about my goals for November. How did you do with your October goals? Any big victories?

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  1. I totally failed at tracking my calories (picture here: )

    It's my main goal this month.

    You did good, lots of green :)