Saturday, November 24, 2012

Six Things Saturday

Taking inspiration from Carla today. :-)

1) We are all missing this place very much!  Especially the sunshine & warm weather.

2) I'm so close to wrapping up my holiday shopping! I still have to buy something for: my grandmother's husband, my aunt, & try to have my grandmother's home movies (8MM, I think?) converted to DVD. I also have to pick up a couple of stocking gifts for my nephew. Those purchases plus a few additional last-minute budget items (food contributions to the party, bonus for our cleaning lady, etc) should come to approximately $300. I've spent just under $600 so far, so if I can buy all of the additional items/food for what I anticipate, I'll be under $1000 for the holidays. I will be so, so, so very pleased with this!

3) Thanksgiving was so much fun. I feel so lucky to have a family that gets along & enjoys spending time together. My grandmother passed away this summer, & we missed her very much on Thursday.

4) This is more personal than I normally share, but why not? :-) That Hawaii vacation made me feel so close to M. We have a great relationship & I consider myself to be very happy & lucky, but just getting a chance to experience all that relaxing time together as a family was truly special.

5) I'm starting my new job (same company, different team/role) on Monday & I'm a little bit nervous!

6) I'm excited for December. My parents are coming up to visit next weekend, my sister & I are taking the boys (my 2 + her 2) to Great Wolf Lodge, the following weekend is my nephew's birthday, & then it's Christmas. Lots to do, but lots of fun time with the family.

What are your six things this Saturday? Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

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