Friday, November 30, 2012

November Wrap Up

The month is drawing to a close, & it's that time again. Time to look at my goals for the month & measure progress. :-)

Original November goal post can be found here.

  1. Lose 3 lbs. I'm currently at 145, so I'd like to close down the month at 142. This will definitely be a challenge with our vacation & Thanksgiving. - Yeah, no. Total fail. I gained two pounds, & I'm at 147. The vacation combined with Thanksgiving killed me.
  2. Continue to track all of my eating in My Fitness Pal. - I think I missed one day while on vacation, but otherwise, pretty good.
  3. Complete 1000 minutes of cardio, 6 strength, & 6 stretching (pilates or yoga) workouts. - I would likely have come close on the cardio, but I've been sick all week. I'm currently at 752, with one workout to go. I did complete 6 strength workouts, but only 1 stretch workout (pilates.)
  4. Stick to our Hawaii vacation budget. - Yes!!
  5. Stick to our monthly budget for November. - Still waiting for a few final payments to trickle in, but I think we  might do this!
  6. Have one date night with M. (This is currently scheduled for our vacation). - Yes, we had a fabulous lunch date in Hawaii.
  7. Clean my closet + our coat closet. - Nope. It was crazy at work, & we were out of town for more than 10 days.
  8. Meal plan every week in November. - Yes!
  9. Plan our 2013 calendar. - Yes!
  10. Finish our 2013 budget planning. - Well, I did this, but things changed. ;-) Still working on the revisions.
  11. Research flooring for basement. - That project is on hold, due to the sudden budget challenges this week.
  12. Take care of emissions testing & car renewal tags. - Done!
  13. Get together with 2 friends. - Done!
  14. Revisit plan for charitable contributions in 2013. We have money automatically deducted from our paychecks each month, but we'd like to up our yearly total & review the charities to make sure we don't want to shift things around. - Still in progress. I'm revising all of the monthly numbers, so I need to include this in the final plans.
All in all, for a month where I switched jobs, we went on a week long vacation, & then spent a long weekend out of town, & closed out the month with a house full of sick people, I'd say this was about as good as could be expected. Onward & upward for December! :-)

How did your November goals turn out? Any big wins?


  1. November has rocked! Good for you for accomplish (or being in the process of accomplishing) all that you have!
    I've finished the month without hitting our overdraft, and down 9.2Lbs (as of Tuesday's weigh-in). The biggest thing, really, is that I can honestly say that I'm happy with the direction our life is going (moving is hard). I couldn't say that last month.
    Here's to a spectacular December!!

    1. Nice work on the 9.2 lbs. That's AMAZING! And, awesome news that you're happy about the direction your life is moving in. Such a huge thing to be able to say, & so very wonderful.

  2. It was a success just leave unscattered! No particular big wins in my eyes other than not going over overbudget. You did pretty good on yours!

    1. I feel totally scattered this month. And, not going overbudget is a huge accomplishment!

  3. Getting our mortgage below £85k was our big win in November.

    You did great, especially coming in under budget :)