Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April goals wrap up

April has been quite a wild ride. For the most part, given the month, I'm pleased with my progress overall. Can't win 'em all. :-)

For the financial challenge:
  1. Cut $100 off of our fixed expenses. We've done a great job reviewing all of our utility bills (we bucket this for cable, internet, cell phones, etc), but there's always more to do. - We shaved $40 off of our cable package, but that's it.
  2. Make $500 towards my girls trip. - Done!
  3. Cut eating out back to $150 for the month. - Yeah, no. The month threw us some unexpected curve balls. We spent $250 on dining out.
  4. Cut the groceries back to $550, and really focus on meal planning and reducing food waste. We've gotten sloppy.- Yes! We spent $429.83, thanks in part to our Costco rebate & also our increased dining out. ;-)
  5. Keep the house spending to $100. We've been buying a lot of miscellaneous things for the house, & I put postage charges (eBay) in this category, so I'd like to include those charges & still keep this to $100. - We spent $231 on the "house" category. Much of it was eBay/postage related, but there was also the charge for refilling our propane (barbecue), buying fish food & supplies, as well as shampoo, mouthwash, etc.
Other April goals:

  1. Lose 2 lbs, bringing my weight to 142. - I lost one pound. This month, I'll take it! :-)
  2. Complete the following workouts: - I clearly couldn't work out as much as I wanted in April.
    1. 1200 minutes of cardio - Closing out the month at 902 minutes. . . my first time under 1,000 in a LONG time.
    2. 12 strength workouts - I completed 6 strength workouts.
    3. 10 stretching workouts - I completed 5 stretching workouts - still better than January & February!
    4. Try one new to me workout - Nope.
  3. Run 100 miles in April. - I ran 50 miles in April, & I'm happy that I managed that.
  4. Run a 10K - Yes! Had a great time & ran harder than I thought I could !
  5. Finalize summer break plans & book all camps/childcare - Yes!
  6. Buy one tuition credit for each kid. - Yes!
  7. Pay an extra $1000 on the mortgage. - This is the first month we've ever really tracked it, but we paid just a smidge over $1000 extra.
  8. File & pay for our taxes. Gulp. - Done! Goodbye, $13K. I barely knew ya.
  9. One date night with M. - Yes!
  10. Two get togethers with friends. - I managed one, just a few days ago.
  11. Clean out my closet & dressers. - Nope.
  12. Book last plane ticket for girls trip. - Yes!
  13. Tackle one additional drawer or closet in the garage - sort, inventory & donate. - Nada.
  14. Read 2 books. - I read one!
  15. Plan fun weekend with my nephew (for his spring break) - Yes! He came, we baked, he had a great time. :-)
Phew! Hoping May is a much more fabulous month. How about you? How did you do with your April goals?

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