Monday, April 29, 2013

Menu plan Monday & health update

My weekend was cruising along until Saturday evening, when I got a call from my doctor. Basically, I tested positive for an autoimmune issue, & need to go see a rheumatologist. I am concerned, but trying my best not to self-diagnose (such a waste of time & cause of unnecessary stress that I really don't need right now) & stay off of the various sites that talk about this positive test result & what it could mean. It's not great news no matter what, but hopefully it's a small(er) problem, rather than something more systemic.

Enough about that. The rest of the weekend was spent with me going to worst case scenario & thinking about how we would need to change our lives if I was sick. (See above - self diagnosis helps no one).

I'm calling for an appointment this morning. Hopefully they can get me in this week so I can stop freaking out & find out what's really happening with my body. M cancelled his business trip this week, which was sweet, but unnecessary, so I'm planning meals for the entire week. I think it's been four months since he's been home for this long. Yeah! :-)

  • Monday - tacos (beef for the kiddos, chicken for the adults)
  • Tuesday - pasta with tomatoes, parmesan & Italian sausage (freezer)
  • Wednesday - hamburgers (the weather is supposed to be great!)
  • Thursday -
  • Friday - M is out of town at his cousin's 50th birthday party. I'll come up with something for the kiddos.
  • Saturday - M out of town. I'm taking the kids to a party at our gym, & then to dinner there.
  • Sunday - Homemade pizza. Thinking of trying barbecued chicken this week.
In other news, I found a fabulous knock off recipe for Zbars (the kids version of Clif bars). I made these over the weekend, & they are amazing! The kids love them, & I do too. ;-) They have no sugar (dates instead), no butter, & are relatively sweet, but also filling. Perfect snack!

I need to find a more savory lunch/snack for the kids, & I was thinking of making popcorn for their lunches - and adding seasonings. If you have savory snack ideas, please share! No nuts are allowed, which makes it hard.

And, here's what I managed to get done this weekend (off of my earlier post)
  1. Plan a menu for the next week or so. We've been eating out too much & flying by the seat of our pants.- Done! A little late, but complete.
  2. Get back to working out, which the doctor swears will help not hurt my energy levels. I'm fine with slow running mixed with jogging. I'm committing to myself not to get bummed by having to go slower than normal. - Well, the new test result throws a wrinkle in this, but I worked out Saturday & Sunday.
  3. Run (or, walk) my 10K this weekend. - Done. Surprised myself with a great run!
  4. Two stretching workouts (either yoga or pilates) - No, although I am doing pilates this evening.
  5. Two blog posts. I've been out of the loop! - One! :-)
  6. Determine my next set of items to list on eBay. I've made over $1800 so far!!! - I listed three additional items, but need to continue to see what we have - I like to have about ten things going at any given time.
  7. Plan another half marathon for the summer. I'm clearly not going to be well trained for my upcoming run on Mother's Day, and while I'll likely still do it, I have low expectations for my time. - On hold until I see the specialist.
  8. Help my sister plan my grandmother's 80th birthday. - In progress.
  9. Decide on a gift for my mom for mother's day. - I've decided, but have not picked it up yet.
  10. Find a way to squeeze in a date night with M! Or, maybe a lunch if dinner is not possible. - we had lunch together on Friday, & I've found a new potential sitter! So excited! We haven't had a sitter in years, & really need one.
Not too bad. I'll take it! How was your weekend?


  1. I really hope it's nothing serious! Stay strong!!

    1. Thanks - it's been difficult not to focus on this, but I'm doing my best!

  2. Your attitude is the best one to have while on limbo about these things. Hope they can get you in this week and get rid of the suspense, and that it is, at worse, something very treatable!

    1. METOO! Thank you for the kind words. I'm trying to avoid my normal mindset, which immediately goes straight to worst case scenario. I'm an optimist, but always think through worst case, so it's not so intimidating. in this case, that doesn't feel like a good approach. ;-)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks, Gill! I have an appointment next Wednesday, so should hopefully know more in a couple of weeks, which feels like an eternity.