Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weekend plans

Love the weekend! This is one of our last "free" weekends in months, so I'm taking advantage of the relaxing schedule. :-)

Here's what I need to accomplish this weekend:
  1. Run 5 miles (today)
  2. Run 10 miles (tomorrow)
  3. Two stretching workouts
  4. 1 strength workout
  5. Figure out a meal plan
  6. Decide what to do on a house remodel project
  7. FILE OUR TAXES. Gulp.
  8. Decide what's next to sell for eBay
  9. Finish summer school/camp registrations for the boys.
  10. Get them registered for their next activities.
  11. Finalize our family summer calendar.
  12. Make granola bars
  13. Make muffins
  14. Take the kids to Sunday Funday (an activity/party at our gym)
  15. Buy a birthday gift for a party
  16. Find a new bikini. Yikes.
  17. Plan next week's workouts.
  18. Clean the floors.
  19. Decide what to do about my hair/get a consultation. I'm going gray, & I'm not liking it at all!
  20. Take the boys for hair cuts.

If you're wondering why I'm baking again, after last weekend's bake-athon, I sent everything home with my nephew. He was SO excited, & wanted to show off his results. :-)

If I finish all of that, I'll be thrilled! :-) I'm trying to get back into running 20 miles/week, & it's no small feat with our schedule.

I'm supposed to be running right now, while M has the kids at karate lessons, but that plan was foiled when he accidentally took the car that had my running shoes & music in it. Oh well, hopefully it will be warmer than 40 when I finally get out there. But, MUST RUN today!

What's on your schedule? Do you make weekend to do lists? If I don't, I'll wander around the house all weekend, knowing that I should be "doing something", but not knowing what. :-)

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  1. Our weekend is crazy and filled with Birthday parties, baby showers and lots of food that I should stay away from :) But at least I had time to squeeze some exercising and vacuumed and cleaned our van!