Monday, January 27, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

It's going to be a crazy work week, so planning a menu in advance ensures we don't have any last minute scrambles. I'm also trying to introduce new food to my pickier eater. Wish me luck! Here's what we're planning on serving:

  • Sunday - Homemade weiner wraps + risotto (adults)
  • Monday - I'm at a work dinner. M will have leftover risotto. The kids will have leftover tacos.
  • Tuesday - Spaghetti & meatballs (late work night for me, so need something quick & easy)
  • Wednesday - Baked tilapia (adults) + baked chicken (kiddos) & pesto pasta.
  • Thursday - Leftovers.
  • Friday - Lubia polo (a Persian rice/beef/bean recipe that I've bumped the last few weeks)
  • Saturday - Meatloaf & mashed potatoes. My attempt to expand the picky eater horizons. :-)
  • Sunday - Homemade pizza

What's being served at your house? Any quick & easy kid-friendly recipes? My youngest doesn't like things mixed together, which makes almost any meal impossible. 


  1. I wrote a long comment and it all got deleted! Arg.

    Ok, I have a difficult time losing weight if I eat "combined" meals, I have to separate them, so we cook that way most of the time.

    What I do is plan a protein, 2 veggies/fruit and a starch. As examples, Pork tenderloin, salad, steamed carrots and roll. Grilled steak w/ onions/mushrooms/peppers, roasted potatoes, tomatoes. Chicken, lima beans, cucumber salad, and asparagus. Fish, couscous, green beans, spinach salad. Sometimes I will do mexican chicken with corn, salad and canteloupe or grilled pineapple.

    You just have to play with flavors and spices with the protein and veggies. For me, these meals are easier than the others. When you mix these with chili, risotto throughout the week - it is not bad.

    1. Ahh, we used to eat very similarly, and I did see success that way. It got to be more cumbersome with the kids & their preferences, but maybe I should plan for a few meals a week like that. Thank you! Great suggestion.