Sunday, January 26, 2014

The week ahead

Wow, this weekend has gone too fast! It was a wild work week, and next week promises more of the same. I mentioned a couple of months ago that my peer was taking an unexpected medical leave, & I would have to do both of our jobs. The only reason I survived (mentally) was reminding myself that he would be back soon, & things would even out. He turned in his notice on Tuesday. Two of my other peers also turned in their notice. Suffice it to say, this is a very difficult job, & challenging place to work, & it's not getting any easier with an extremely small staff. I did almost the same job back in Seattle, but had a staff four times the size. My manager & I need to have a very direct conversation about what I can do with the current team & workload.

We also have our international teams visiting, so I have 12+ hour meetings/offsite this week, and I worked on an urgent issue all evening on Friday, & yesterday. I'm extremely burned out, and I've only been at the job for 90 days. Not a good sign.

Enough about that. I need to get outside & enjoy the sunshine today, as well as do yoga. My back & neck are killing me from stress.

Here's what else I need to do today (fun things first!) :-):

  1. Take a hot bath
  2. Read for at least 15 minutes
  3. Take Sam to the library. He forgot to bring home his book for a report that's due soon.
  4. Plan a menu.
  5. Plan the week ahead - it's a crazy week, so we need to coordinate kid stuff to ensure that everyone gets picked up & dropped off.
  6. Decide what to do for the boys birthday party - invite friends via email or mail invites.
  7. Return my parents call.
  8. Work on the budget.
  9. Work. :-(
  10. Laundry
  11. Sheets
If I accomplish that, I'll feel very good.

And, on to the positives! 

  • There was *very*  little snow at Tahoe/Squaw, but I did manage to ski one of the days. It will likely be my only ski day of the season, so I enjoyed it!
  • Check out that sunset (and, lack of snow) 

  • M & I had a date night last night! I saved some Christmas cash to pay for the sitter, so it was nice not to scramble to find cash (I never carry cash!) & to know that it was paid for.
  • My cleaning lady is on vacation (I know, first world problems), & even though this was really, really not the week for me to have to clean the house with my work schedule, I did it! Saved $90, which we applied towards our dinner out. It's a good thing, because I had to pay for several meals on my work trip - very annoying - so our dining out budget took a hit.
  • In just a few weeks, we have a lot of celebrations coming up - my birthday, Sam's birthday, & our trip to visit family. Can't wait!
Off to start tackling my list!

Happy Sunday.


  1. Wow, they really need to hire someone. Perhaps they had to wait until that person quit before they could try and relieve the workload though in case they came back. It does kind of make you wonder what type of medical leave it was, maybe stress related? Try and have a nice Sunday and relax a little bit!

  2. It seems like they are being unreasonable with your workload. It stinks that this is happening so quickly. How does M like his job? Can you move to a different part time position in the same company?

    I hope you're able to relax today.

  3. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate in regards to your job... I hope it eases up soon! :(

  4. I will venture the difficult question.
    Is your health worth this particular position?
    Doing one person's job is a lot. Doing four persons' jobs is crazy when you are in the best of health.
    Hoping it eases up.