Saturday, January 11, 2014

We did it!

Our vacation house listing is approved & should be on MLS almost immediately.

This is a huge thing for me, as I really didn't want to sell. But, I know it's what we need to do for our family, and for us to eventually afford to buy a house in California.

Also, just looking at the calendar & planning/budgeting our next trip made me realize how infrequently we will use it.

We've had such a fabulous time with it, but now it's time to let it go. Fingers crossed that it sells quickly & painlessly.

And, a few pictures from our last trip, when Sam's best friend stopped by for a visit.

Tons going on today & this weekend, so more later, but . . . it's done!


  1. Yay!!!
    I am proud of you..... 8-)

  2. I hope it sells quickly, now you can start dreaming about what kind of home you want in California. Cheers!

  3. That's a big deal and a tough decision. Best wishes for speedy and profitable sale!