Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday, already?

The weekends fly by at record speed, and sometimes it's hard to reconcile the amount of time I *think* I have on weekends, with the actual amount of time available. ;-) Do you ever have that problem?

I need to work like 20 hours today, which is not going to happen. Maybe 2 hours before bed, plus wake up a couple of hours earlier in the morning? Talk about starting the week off on a bad note. On the plus side, I have a long weekend coming up in two weeks (4th of July), and I desperately need the time off. There is just way too much work on my plate. Ick.

Anyway, what's on the agenda for today? I'm continuing my effort to use up all of our green peppers. Our plant is producing like mad. So far, we've tried two different recipes - this grilled pepper with goat cheese appetizer was amazing. I also liked this sausage & pepper dish, but we prefer chicken, so I may substitute next time.

Nick had a friend over for a play date yesterday, that extended into a sleepover. I felt like my mother after I pulled him aside to let him know that asking someone to come over/stay longer, etc ALWAYS first requires parental approval. Was that something your mom always said as well? Now I know why. ;-) His friend was sweet, and it wasn't a problem, but he keeps kosher & we were having cheeseburgers for dinner, so it required some tweaking of the plans. C'est la vie.

On the list of projects to tackle today:
  • 12  mile run. I'm trying a new park today - the one within walking distance of my house is amazing, but extremely hill, which requires me to run up 6 miles before turning around and running 6 down. Both ways are hard, with all of the extreme downhill being hard on my knees & ankles. Fingers crossed that this trail is better for long runs.
  • Yoga. I'm super tight & need to stretch.
  • Bake bread for lunches.
  • Get everything ready for camp tomorrow. It's going to be a crazed day, so I need to get ahead & plan.
  • Wash all sheets & make beds.
  • Write up an ad for an afternoon nanny. I'm getting anxious to get some help when school starts again.
  • Plan the menu for the week. 
  • Find a disposable camera & a couple of books to send to the kids when they are having their overnight camp next week.
  • Use up some buttermilk that's lurking in the fridge
  • Find more risotto. I can find it at multiple shops, but it's typically very expensive. I'm hoping to find a cheaper source.
Other than that, it will be a regular day of hanging out with the boys, working in the garden, and hopefully relaxing a bit this evening. I brought a bunch of books home from the library yesterday & have already read one. I love reading!

What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish today? Happy Sunday!


  1. I have been reading a lot lately too - way more relaxing than watching tv. It sure gets your mind off things if you are stressed out. Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Can you buy risotto online? Amazon has everything. Just a thought...

  3. We are taking a day off from unpacking/setting up today and going to the beach. We have been making progress at the new house, but it's still a huge mess. We only have another week left in our rental condo though, so will have to get busy and finish up the house the week or else.

    I wish we could find peppers here - they're either not around or too expensive to justify purchasing - and we love peppers!

    BTW, in our house setting up a playdate or sleepover without checking with parents first was an automatic "not happening." No exceptions. With one or two kids and a bigger house, maybe, but with three and a smallish house - no way!