Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hello from the very mellow Oregon coast

We've had an absolutely fabulous & relaxing vacation so far. Christmas was wonderful (our flights getting here were *very* delayed, but Alaska Airlines has done a solid job of trying to apologize (meal vouchers, $75/per person off on our next flight, etc). Mechanical errors, so glad they went for safety rather than speed.

I'm so happy that we've streamlined the holidays. Everything was fantastic & it was all about spending time together. Next year, if we get motivated, we may add a White Elephant sock exchange in. Because, no matter how ugly or to your taste socks are, you can wear them & no one will see them! :-)

The boys got to go biking with my dad (first two days without rain in 4 weeks! What luck :-)), we played charades, and now we are relaxing at the coast.

My parents are arriving today, for celebration, part two. It usually involves stormy days, puzzles, wine, and long walks on the beach, bundled beyond recognition. I have some photos of the beach yesterday & it was stunning, but. . . the internet connection here isn't very powerful. ;-) My sister & my nephews arrive tomorrow, and the four cousins will be reunited! The boys haven't seen each other since July, so they are pretty excited.

This is what the holidays are all about!!! Spending time with these two crazy boys, and I haven't had to work at all. . . *bliss*

Hope everyone is having a safe, relaxing & wonderful time with family & friends!


  1. It sounds great, just what you needed! We had a nice relaxing holiday too although tomorrow I am back on Company time with 3 presentations I need to piece together for our Company for the second week in January. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and Happy New Year!

    1. I hope you are able to get your presentations done quickly & enjoy a bit of time for New Year's Eve!